Dancing In The Rain
The moon is my only ally
She hears me as I cry
Darling, put your heart away
Bleeding sunsets paint my dreams
I promise it's not what it seems
My eyes just won't open today

When I feel the empty beat
I can walk out on the street
I'm the girl dancing in the rain
Angels in the form of soft teal fur
Keep me separate from girls like her
The Milky Way understands my pain

Diamonds falling on my head
As I lay here tucked in bed
Let the fireflies kiss my skin
A disco ball shining in the night
Is my only writing light
And the light is wearing thin

My Chucks are worn through from chasing you
Can't you hear them laughing at me?

So I'll get my Cinderella dress
Twirling 'round this empty mess
The leaves crunch beneath my shoes
When the wind sings me to sleep
I'll bottle my heart it's yours to keep
And do with as you choose