I pulled deep, all consuming breaths from the air, filling my lungs past their normal capacity. I was at the end of the road, doubled over, gasping for air after sprinting the last twenty yards to the top of the hill. A minute later, I straightened up and gazed out over the hills. The pasture in front of me was full of horses whinnying and stomping their feet with my arrival. Small blue flowers lined the dirt road and surrounding area, invading and nearly wiping out all other plants. The sun was low in the sky; evidence of time passed during the first half of my six-mile run. I had never gone on this road before, this new running path in this new town. It was different, weird. It was beautiful. I approached the fence with the horses carefully, petting them on their noses and necks. The surrounding pastures had more horses, with the occasional dog squirming under the fence to play in the grass. In the distance there was a huge house and barn. They both looked extremely well kept and tidy. The farm obviously did well. I could hear a pick-up truck coming up the dead-end road, so I wiped the sweat off my face and turned around, straightening my shorts and tank top. The minute the truck got to the end of the road, near me, the front door slammed and a boy about my age stormed towards me.

"Hey! You are not allowed to be here." He said, his face hard and his boots clomping furiously on the ground.

"I'm sorry, I was just on my run and I stopped to pet the h-" He grabbed my upper arm and began to steer me towards his shiny, black five-seater. "Umm…excuse me. Can you please not?" I started wrenching away, trying to rip my arm from his crazy strong grip. "Let me go!" He opened the passenger door and began to push me in before I realized his intentions. I turned and dug my nails into his hand, causing him to freeze in shock and giving me time to run away, away from the car and down the hill as fast as I could, but once I heard his truck start up I knew I didn't have a chance.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" His damn truck had somehow found its way beside me, easily keeping up with my fastest pace. I scanned the hills- there was no one for miles. I was going to be murdered and no one was here to be a witness for my trial.

"Get away from me. I have my phone. If you kidnap me my daddy will track it and you will be locked up until your hair turns grey." I said, trying my best to kill him with my thoughts.

"I'm not going to kidnap you, I'm just not going to leave you on my land." He said stubbornly. "I've got a Chevy 45 hundred and 5. I will have no problem keeping up with you. This road goes on for another two miles and I own all the land for miles around. Just get in the car, I'll take you to the end of the road, and we'll all be happy."

I shot him a dirty look and continued running, increasing my pace and keeping my head straight, ignoring the jerk beside me. Seriously, his land? Not his land. His parents land. Who the hell does he think he is?

"Get. In. The. Car." He growled. I stopped abruptly, causing him to slam on the brakes and backup. I stood on the side of the road, arms crossed, fuming. He was smirking when his window reached me.

"What'd you decide, beautiful?"

"I am running. I am not a horse smuggler. I am not here to steal your land. I am not going to ruin anything. I am not going to vandalize, destroy, kidnap, creep on, or do anything to your land. I am running. Go lift hay or something. I'll be off your property in twenty minutes at the most. Just go away." I started running again. His car sat idle for a few moments until he appeared next to me once again.

"You look hot when you're angry." He said, his smirk turning into a full on smile when he saw me get even more annoyed.

"Do you have any idea how much gas you're wasting?" I didn't even look at him until I heard the engine cut and I turned my head in surprise. He got out and began running alongside of me.

"Better?" He asked, easily keeping up with me once again.

"Race?" I asked, plotting in my head.

"Hell yes." He agreed, speeding up.

"Wait!" I grabbed his arm and made him face me. He immediately mistook my meaning and pressed up against me, leaning his head down to whisper in my ear.

"Can't resist me, huh?" I pushed him off quickly.

"Oh yes I'm just dying to be one of your summer flings," I said sarcastically, "Here's the deal- we race to the end of the road. If you win, I'll stay off your land. If I win, you'll never bother me again. Deal?"

"Deal." He said, and set off sprinting. I laughed and hopped the fence to my left, carefully choosing the gentlest-looking horse to approach. I had done some bare-back riding, but those were with experienced horses. Taking a deep breath, I mounted the jet-black horse and gripped its mane. I gently nudged it forwards and was relieved when I found that it seemed used to riders. I started her out walking, the trotting, them slowly eased her into a gallop, smiling as I passed the arrogant jerk. I heard him shout, but I couldn't hear what he was saying so I continued pushing the beautiful creature. Once I reached the white fence at the bottom of the hill, I slowed the horse down until she was at a complete stop. I quickly climbed the fence and began to jog to the end of the road when I heard a car start and looked up to see the black truck racing down the road, dirt flying. I stepped off the road and backed up a few feet, but he drove up right next to me regardless, forcing me to jump back to avoid getting hit. He jumped out of the truck and grabbed me, slamming me up against the trucks shiny surface and jarring every bone in my body.

"What the hell were you thinking?! Riding Opal?! Shes deranged! She bucks! You could have died!" He shouted.

"Wow, someone has anger management. She was amazing. Don't worry. Goodness."

"She could have killed you." His gorgeous blue eyes were flaming as I stared back up at him defiantly. I squirmed, suddenly uncomfortable with the physical closeness. I hadn't been this close to someone since the last day of school, the day we moved to this godforsaken hick town. He sensed my disconfort and laughed, locking his arms on either side of me and pressing closer, a hint of concern still lacing his eyes.

"Not used to this, huh?" He skimmed his fingers along my upper arm, chuckling.

"Since I won an-" He tugged on my ponytail gently.

"Can you pl-" He yanked the rubber band out, spilling my hair over my shoulders and down my back.

"I don't even kn-" His fingers ran through the lengths of my black waves.

"You were saying?" He said, smirking and tilting my head up so I was looking him in the eye.

"Stop it."



"Convincing. Because why?"

"Because I don't even know your name!" He broke into a huge smile, his laugh ringing all around us.

"How can you not know who I am? Aren't you in school?"

"Cocky much? I just moved here!"

"James. James Byrnes." He slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me flush against him.

"Well James, I don't know how many blonde bimbos you hook up with a day, but I am not a slut and you are way too close to me." I pushed him away with all my strength, forgetting about my close proximity with the car. Unfortunately, the obnoxious guy was like a solid rock, so my force sent me slamming into the pickup. Wincing slightly, I squirmed out of his grip and stalked away.

"Hey! Hey! Okay, I'm sorry." He said, running after me.

"Sorry? For what?" I scoffed.

"Everything. Okay? I'm having a bad day. I didn't mean to take it out on you. I barely know you."

"Well I don't care and I'm not a therapist, so go cry to someone else." Suddenly, I found my foot stuck in a hole in the road. My brain couldn't process fast enough, and I began hurdling towards the ground. A sharp pain ripped through my body, starting at my ankle and ending midway through my torso. Bracing myself for impact with the ground, my world went black.

Author's note:

So...I am starting school soon so I don't know when i'll be able to update =/ but probably in the next day or two.

This was just going to be a one-shot but i hadn't uploaded anything in so long, i felt bad.

It's incredibly cliché, don't worry =]

Brielle =]