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Chapter 1: The Mortal Days

Hiya, my name is Kairos. I'm 15 years old, and live with my mortal boyfriend, Miles. We own a medium size apartment at a nice complex, and my little dog, Kiwi, a Chihuahua, fell in love with her little "yard" on the patio. I moved in with Miles just this year.

My parents had always wanted to move to Greece. Ever since I was born, all they talked about was Greece this, Greek mythology that. That's why my name is Greek; it means "last goddess born." So anyway, about six months ago, my parents finally burst through the door singing, "We're moving to Greece!" I didn't want to move, I had a life in Southern California. I had friends, family, a boyfriend, school, everything! It was in California. So I suggested that I stay in California and live with Miles. My parents were fine with it because he was a "good boy." But I know they let me stay with him because he also had a Greek name. His name means "solider."

So the reason the names mean so much in this little part of my life that I'm telling you about, is because the legend of my name is this:

One the night of the spring equinox, a mortal girl will be born. She will be born of blood descendants of the Greek gods. They will name her Kairos, because she will be the last goddess to be born of the mortals. She will be such a treasure, that all the young and beautiful gods on Mount Olympus will want her as their highest bride. So, her parents will entrust her safety with a soldier. The parents will move to the homeland as a decoy. The last goddess will stay in her birth land for 6 full moons (6 months). Then she will be stolen.

So yeh, I know that I'll be "stolen" this month, but I don't want to leave Miles. I don't think that the myth was completely detailed to say that the girl would fall for her protector. Miles is the sweetest, kindest, most handsome person I've ever met! He loves Kiwi, she loves him too (it's a good thing too, I don't know what I was going to do with her while I was being "stolen"). He helps out a different charities in his spare time, he's an A student at our high school, and he let me stay with him when my parents moved to Greece. Now about the handsome part, He's tall, like 6'8, his skin is naturally darker, his hair is cute short, but it's dark, and his brown eyes are just so comforting to look at, I almost melt every time I see them.


"Miles, are you home yet," I called out, as I stepped over the front door threshold.

"Yes," I heard a deep, seductive voice call from the living room. I could hear the TV being turned down.

"Quit it," I giggled while I sat down in his lap. He wrapped his arms around my little waist and pulled me closer to him. I was now straddling him, and he started to kiss me. Putting my hands behind his neck, I encouraged him to go further. He did, guys. Hugging me closer, he stood up and walked into the bedroom.

We made out on the bed for about a half hour before I said, "I'm hungry."

"Ok, fine. Let's go down to the diner for dinner tonight, I don't feel like washing pans tonight," he said rolling onto his back.

"Haha, you never do," I remarked before jumping up, giving him a kiss, and running out of the room.


"I'll have the matzo ball soup please," I said, neatly folding my menu and placing it on the counter space in front of me.

"Same, please," Miles said, folding his menu and handing it, along with mine, to the waitress drooling over him. If I get carrot soup, I'm sending it back and refusing to pay for it.

"Ok, I know you hate coming her because the waitresses constantly hit on me, but you know they have good food," he said, before wrapping me out in his arm and kissing my neck lightly. It felt like butterfly wings on my neck, and I'm a very ticklish person.

"Ahh, haha! Stop! It tickles! Stop, stop, stop," I squealed, while I attempted to push Miles away. It was a lost caws. He was too strong for my feeble attempts at freedom. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to live the rest of my life in his arms. Oh, how awful my life is.


Dinner was good. After we finished, we were both so tired that we had to drag ourselves into the bed. I don't think we even changed into our pajamas. Too bad, because I just got these really cute ones . . . Anyway, that night, as I was falling asleep, I could feel that something was going to happen, something big. It scared me, so I turned over in our bed and hugged Miles. Well, at least that was who I was hoping to hug. The next voice I heard told me that it wasn't him.

"Why hello to you too. It hasn't even been 5 minutes that I've had you, and already you feel close enough to me to snuggle," said a melodic, yet seductive, deep voice. Something about him told me that he didn't "have" me for 5 minutes, but that he had stolen me 5 minutes ago.

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