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Chapter 2: Now How Is This Right?

Ok, wait!!! This is an unknown person that somehow has a hold of me in a very personal way! Hello?! Does anyone think that I should have a say in this? And who is this bastard, and why is he so cocky?

"Uh, howdidIgethere?" if I sounded drunk sorry, sleep is my alcohol, and I'm addicted. It's like that haze cloud that covers your mind for a few minutes while you adjust to the real world, not dreams.

"Don't ask how I know what you said, but I found you my sweet," said the voice of angels. It was a confident voice, one of a person who knew they were just soo important.

"My sweet? Wait, who are you? And why did you call me that . . that . . whatever?" I mumbled.

This guy had great hearing apparently, because his response was accurate to my question, "Well, how can I tell you this? Ok, so, you know about Greek gods right?"

Oh crap! Damn him! Why oh why did this have to happen tonight?

"I take that as a yes," he continued, "Well, I'm the god Apollo. The twin of Artimis, the god of the sun, god of music."

"Apollo! How . . . What . . .Why me?" I said through clenched teeth. How high up are we going to fly? It's getting cold and all I had on was a T-shirt and some jeans.

So that's when I first looked over at Apollo. He was beautiful. His perfectly sculpted facial features were stunning! His hair was shaggy, but cute, and it was almost bleach blonde. His eyes were a combination of the bluest shy you ever saw and the tropical, clear waters of Fiji. Everything about him was beautiful. I lowered my head to see that he had a barrel chest, muscular and extravagant. Well, you would think no less for a god! His arms were slightly darker than a normal tan on Miles. They were also perfect with muscles and large. He had the guns baby, and they were huge! We were sitting down, but he looked pretty tall. His clothes were modern, like mine. He wore a Slipknot band T-shirt with blue jeans and flip-flops. One of his arms was around me and the other was holding on to something.

"How I got you was simple. I easily walked into you apartment, picked you up off the bed and carried you away. What you are doing here? I've chosen you to be my highest bride. I know I have other wives, but you will be much more important than them to me. No worries. And why I picked you? Well, look at yourself, you're gorgeous. You're also the last mortal goddess to be born. My father promised me you at the beginning of time. I've waited a long time for you," he said, looking me in the eyes. I haven't explained to you how I look, have I?

Well, let's start with the basics. I'm tan, dark blonde hair that goes down to my butt, and my eyes are brown. I'm at least 6'0, skinniest person ever to live at my height, and I basically look like a run-away model or a freshly dressed volleyball player. But when I'm in the water, I look like a total surfer, which I am. But anyway, back to the conversation before my revelation.

"So I've been betrothed to you millions of years before I was born?" I asked, fully aware now of what we were talking about.

"Yes, and I patently waited for you. Once you were born it was like a snap of the fingers right to this moment for me," Apollo said while taking his hand and gently brushing my face with the back of it. It was touching but creepy at the same time. And just then it hit me like a giant rock to my forehead, an Olympian god was in love with me and waited for me for millions of years. It was weird. And suddenly, we stopped moving.

Apollo gestured for me to step down after he did. He politely held my hand while I walked down the steps of the thing I was sitting in. I turned around to look at it and stopped moving. It was the largest golden chariot I had ever seen in my life!

"Jaw dropping, I know," Apollo whispered in my ear. He then swiftly wrapped his arm around my waist and shuffled me off into a hallway. He put my back against the wall and I could feel the cold marble through my thin shirt.

"Ok, we're going to me the family. I order for you to stay alive and intact, I need to kiss you. You'll never completely survive if you were to look at my father. May I?" he asked, getting very close to my face. This was comfortable, go ahead. Oh wait, silly me, I was suppose to say that out loud.

"Um, yeh, sure."

He leaned down ever so slowly, and pressed his lips to mine. It felt different than kissing Miles. This was all about me, not a give and take relationship. Apollo was centered on pleasing me. His lips fit together ageist mine like they were made for each other. His moved with mine. His lips were warm, and the kiss was passionate and completely loving. He really was devoted to me. I enjoyed this kiss. Soon, that kiss turned into a heavy make out session. It was most definitely great. He kissed my lips and then my neck over and over. I suddenly pushed myself closer to him, curving my body to fit closer to his. I could tell he liked this. Greek gods make-out like crazy teenagers (which Apollo looked to be about 16), and it was great! But it ended, sadly, because we came here to introduce me to the Greek gods. Not to make-out in a marble hallway. After we finished the making-out, Apollo just stared down at me.

"I've been waiting to do that for so long," he said with a smile on his face.

"Then tell me the truth, could I have really lived after seeing your father without you kissing me?" I asked, more comfortable with him now.

"Yeh, I just couldn't wait any longer to kiss you. I wanted to see if you were a good kisser," he laughed while taking my hand in his. He held my hand tight, like if he let go I would just slip away. It was comforting, I liked it. So I smiled up at him while we walked and said, "Well, how did I do?"

"You were amazing! You are now officially eerezistabel to me now," he said as he looked straight ahead, and then down at me again. Hm, I'm eirezistable to a god. That's a good sign, I think.

As we walked into the dining hall, everyone in the room stopped and stared at Apollo and me. I was wondering if they were looking at me because I was a messy, but Apollo looked at me adoringly, so I don't think that was it.

"They're all amazed by your beauty, my sweet," he whispered to me. He sounded happy. I turned to look at him and his face was right there!!! It was so hard not to start kissing him again right then and there. So I asked him, "Uh, what do I do?"

"You smile and say hello, and then I wrap my arm around you and we go and sit right there," he pointed out two comfy looking seats next to Zeus. Ok, simple. Just keep thinking, simple!

"Hello," I said quietly. My voice still echoed through the still air. I smiled and acted as a should and then I felt his secure arm snake around my mid section and my smile grew bigger as I realized that it was over. He started to walk me over to our seats, when I noticed a fair, young maiden sitting next to the chair that looked to be mine.

Apollo introduced me as his fiancée to her and then sat me down in my chair, before talking his, closest to his father. I would be too scared to sit next to Zeus, so thank gods Apollo was sitting in between him and me. I turned to the young girl next to me, and she had a big, toothy smile on her face. Her dark midnight hair came down to her hips in soft wavy tendrils. Her pale skin matched her dark purple eyes perfectly. All her facial featured were pixie-like, but she was far from small in any way. She looked to be just as tall as me. Her teeth were perfectly set and were so white that I swear I saw them glimmer. She had on a tight neon blue shirt that said in dark purple letters, "Fall Out Boy." Her shorts were short shorts and they were shabby looking, but it complimented her shirt well. She dressed like me, I was going to like her.

"Hi!" she squealed when I sat down next to her.

"Hi," I said sheepishly.

"I'm Artimis, Goddess of all new-born animals and of the hunt."

"Oh, I'm Kairos. Last Goddess born of the mortals."

"I know! My brother has been so excited since you were born! I've been very happy too, because now I get a sister!" she squealed again, only this time hugging me. I'm a hugger, I liked my new sister-in-law.

"And I know about you! In seventh grade I had to do a report on the Greek gods, and I wrote part of it on you personally!" I squealed, becoming more and more comfortable by the second.

"I remember. Apollo was jealous, but I just said that I was because you were a girl and you picked a girl. But yes! I remember. I was so happy when you were writing that."

"Thank you. But being here, wow, it's amazing. But, I have a question, since you're a goddess who's been here for a while. Um, do you know the rest of my myth? My parents always seemed to leave something out when they would tell it to me when I was little."

"Well, you know about the solider and the being stolen part. Well, legend says that you'll live as long as any other god would on Mount Olympus, so, that' forever. But after being her for only 6 months you'll be stolen again," she said in a mysterious voice.

"But Apollo will bring me back right?"

"Um, probably. It says that you'll be stolen by another god that you meet tonight. But don't worry, it won't be Ares, thank gods. He is a total wack-job. I can't believe I'm even related to him. Ares was promised a new bride just last month. She'll be born tomorrow, and then he'll wait until she's 20, because that's how old he is, before he will go and take her back up her. But she won't live forever like you will be able to. She's a complete mortal, not even a blood line to an original Greek. Ares likes mortal girls because he can constantly change and they can't do anything to him. He's tried to marry me once, but I turned him down because I just knew Aphrodite had her eye on him, and that's just mean for a friend to marry another friend's crush, you know?"

"Yeh," I said, "I do."

"Artimis," I said, "when will I meet everyone else?"

"Oh, silly me, after dinner. Then we can go and do anything we want," she said.

"Ok, thanks."

"Hey," I hear Apollo say as he put his arm around me again.

"Hiya," I leaned closer to him in my chair.

"I want you to meet my dad," and that's when I sat ram-rod straight in my chair.

Apollo chuckled a little before saying, "It's ok, trust me. I'm his favorite son, and he has to have liked you way before you were born to betroth you to me. He's going to love you, I know I do," he smiled down at me. I wanted to reply, but Zeus was finishing up his conversation with another person and had started to turn towards us. He glanced over the table once, seeing that all his children were behaving well, typical parent, and then down at beaming Artimis, and finally right at me. I was like stone. I couldn't move. He's the most powerful god and I'm going to meet him! It was thrilling and scary at the same time!

"Dad," Apollo started to say, "This is Kairos. She's the one you betrothed to me a few million years ago. At the beginning of time really, but who's keeping count," I giggled at the last part. Not a good idea. Not Zeus had all his attention on me and not Apollo.

"Why hello there," his voice boomed with cheerfulness. "I've been waiting so long to see you Kairos. You are the most powerful goddess over mortals, did you know that?" he asked me with a smile on his face. Hm, I didn't know this whole god thing came with percs.

"No, I didn't. Um, if you don't mind me asking…" I was cut off y Zeus.

"Go right ahead, you're the most praised goddess here since you're so new," he chuckled.

"Ok, so what else can I do, or what else is there about me and being a goddess?" I asked.

"Well, you have the most power over the mortals. You are the last goddess born of the mortals, which means that all of your children will be living on Mount Olympus and they will have a god as their father, not a mortal. Um, um, um, . . . Oh! You can move water, air, earth, and fire with your hands, like a 'bender of the elements," I thought that was pretty cool, "and legend has it that you will marry my son after falling head-over-heels for him. Is that true?" he asked staring at me with yet again, a smile on his face.

"Dad, don't ask her that now, we just met!" I heard Apollo complain next to me. I laughed and replied, "Well, I think that I will very much appreciate getting married before have kids, as you said I would," talking to Zeus and at the same time smiling at Apollo.

"Ok, time to go meet the other gods love birds," Artimis chirped from her seat next to mine. I got excited. I grabbed Apollo's hand and squeezed it gently. He noticed and bent over me and gave me a kiss on my neck. I don't think they will ever be able to separate us again. Apollo and I rose together, walked side-by-side, and smiled. We were perfect for each other.


The first god that I met was Aphrodite. Apparently, her and Artimis we good pals, so she would become a good friend of mine as well. She was very beautiful, she was tall, pale in a way, and was dressed in mostly pink. She apologized for her husband's, Hephaestus, absence. We briefly chatted on when the meeting were and what they were about. Gods have court rules for the actions they do, mostly to keep the mortals safe. But anyway, we moved on to meet more people.

The next god I met was Dionysus. He's actually a really funny guy. He told me jokes that made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. Apollo chortled next to me, but he seemed a little on edge about everyone. Maybe he knows the rest of the myth too. So we moved on to Athena. She was very witty and tolerated nothing that was stupid. She wore a long flowing dress made from dark blue fabric. She let me touch it and it felt like silk. It was beautiful. She invited me to practice archery with her some time, and I said yes and then politely goodbye.

Hermes was the next god I met. He was very handsome, but nothing compared to his older brother. He looked a lot like him, only he was skinnier and shorter. He promised me a gem later that night. Persephone was a very shy goddess. She wasn't flamboyant like the others. Her dress was mid length, and an off white. Her smile was dazzling though, and it made up for her personality.

I met Ares next. Artimis stood by my side the entire time he talked to me. It seemed as if she was methodically coaching me through the conversation. Apollo held to me, being very protective of me at the same time. WOW! They really don't like me talking to him, do they? Ares talked about the arts (which I thought was boring, *yawn*), music, and me. He said I was the most beautiful goddess he had ever seen, and with that, Apollo flipped out.

"How dare you try and steal her away from me!" he said in a low, menacing voice. He had taken one step and I was now behind him. I lightly touched the back of his arm, and he turned around to look at me. His facial features had sharpened, but when he looked at me, they softened considerably.

"Apollo, it was a compliment, let it go. You are the only one here that I love," I said quietly, now sure how he would react.

"You're right," he breathed before sweeping me up into his arms. He held me like that for some time before Artimis broke through and said we still had people to meet. He smiled while he lowered me to the ground, looking into my eyes, and I felt lips on my neck. He kissed me quickly, but several times.

The last god that I met that night was Hades. You would think that when you meet the King of the Underworld, you would be afraid, but I wasn't. Hades didn't even look over 20. He looked to be about Apollo's age, he was tall as well. His skin was darkly tanned for someone who lives underground most of the time. His hard was jet black and hung loosely to just below his ears. He reminded me of Miles in a way, but Miles had more muscles, while Hades was on the thinner side, more medium then large. His eyes were that darkest shade of blue that I had ever seen. His smile was show-stopping. His teeth were super white, perfectly straight, and just all around perfect.

"Hello," he said, putting his hand out for me to shake.

"Hi," I replied, still somewhat tucked away in Apollo's arms. He was even more tense now then he was with Ares.

"That Ares guy is a jerk, don't listen to anything he says," he said in his roughed, but young voice. It was an interesting sound, harsh, but soft. Lovely, but hard to listen to; I liked it.

"I don't think I'll be spending enough time with him to actually listen to what he will say," I giggled. I felt Apollo laugh behind me. He laughed because he knew it was true.

Apollo finally spoke up and said, "We would really appreciate it if you would come to the wedding, Hades."

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world. We are like brothers, and what brother would want to miss the other's wedding day?" he asked, a smile on his lips. He laughed, and so did we.

Hermes came over with a box in his hand and stood right next to me. He was trying to contain a smile, but he just couldn't help it.

"I'm sorry," I said to Hades, "but Hermes promised me a girt tonight, and it seems that he's already got it here for me. We should talk again some time." I smiled at him. He seemed to sort of swoon when I did.

"I'll take you up on that offer," he said playfully.

"Ok, here it is Kairos, your gem," Hermes said before opening the box.

I looked inside to see a crystal of some sorts. But it was more beautiful than that. It had all the colors known to man in it. It looked so perfectly cut, that it looked like a piece of colorful jell-o. Like it was just so delicate, that if you touched it, it would break. So I put my hand in to grab it, to see if it would really break. And the gem was sturdy, and cold like marble. I held it in my hand and watched all the colors dance around inside it when it moved. And then I heard a voice, "We all got it for you, but Hades found it in his gem collection in the underworld." It was Hermes. I turned to look at Hades, who stood smiling at me just a few feet away. He had charm, he had class, and now he had gems.

"Hades, this is so perfect. How did you know I would love it so much?" I asked walking over to him, leaving Apollo behind.

"I thought that the last goddess of the mortals had experienced so much more than what we had, and that you were fun of ideas and thought, like the gem is full of colors. It just seemed to fit you the best," he said bending his head down to look at me. His hair hung over his face and I was the only one who could see how he looked at me. His eyes were full of adoration. Of longing, and want. Uh-oh. So I hugged him. Like any other normal person would do after receiving the best present of their life. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his face on my shoulder. He was warm, but cool at the same time, it was odd. I pulled back and stared up at him. He seemed happy, but when I started to walk away, the grim look slowly started to come back on his face. I returned to Apollo's arms and he kissed me on the lips.


A little while after that, Apollo said that I needed my rest and we said good night to everyone before heading off down a large hallway.

"Would you care to sleep with me or in your own bed?" he asked slowing down by a large golden door.

"Sleep with you," I happily replied. The smile on his face grew wider. He opened the door we were standing in front of and gestured for me to walk in first. The room was huge! And the bed took up a lot of it. It was more like a house inside a house. Apollo said we had an upstairs too. And the thing that I thought was the bed was really the couch! The kitchen was charming and modern, the living room cozy and warm from the browns and forestry greens. It also had gold, but the gold was everywhere. Apollo showed me up the stairs and into our room. This bed was jinormus! He started to kiss my neck and then my lips, and before we knew it, we were on that giant be, making-out like crazy.

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