I thought it was the last from hearing Chicken Licken. Apparently, that was not true.

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" says Chicken Licken.

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" I say.

"Daddy, the sky is falling!" I yelled, but no reply came. I was just greeted with darkness.

"Daddy!" I yelled again. Again, there was no reply.

"Mummy!" I tried. My feeling of protection suddenly vanished from me. There was no light anymore, no Sun. Not even the moon.

My source of warmth was gone, it disappeared. Poof! Just like that.

I started sobbing non-stop and attempted to feel my way out of darkness. I realised, there was no doors out. No way can I escape this nightmare. Trapped! The word struck me like a bolt of lightning.

All the more, I become desperate as hoped tried to replace fear, but to no avail. It was no use; I am stuck in this horrible place forever. I shall not see tomorrow's Sun, tomorrow's Moon. Not even stars.

"Please," I begged and slid down a hard surface.

Warm arms pulled me to a tight embrace. How I wished time would stop and freeze at that moment. And slowly, I was pulled to light. Protective light.

I really don't know why I wrote this story. But I do know that the inspiration came from a poster of mine. It might be confusing, so basically, "The sky is falling" means that her whole world has collapsed and the girl does not know what to do anymore. Pretty short on my part, but I just had to get it out.