21 September


This letter might be somewhat brief as I'm writing it in detention so I have to slip it under the table occasionally:

So I'm in detention because I was trying to use the photocopier so I could send you copies of Dad's stuff. Like I can't send it to you because he might notice that it's missing? You know? I've been going through a lot of his papers and whatnot because he just leaves his briefcase on the table and I know the combination on it because.

You asked about them only setting stuff up in Marlinsburg: of course, they tested it out West first, but they wanted to try it with "uninhibited subjects" ie oblivious victims, in a "controlled area" ie Marlinsburg. Evidently that particular spot works better with the mental acoustics or something, it was a bunch of technol-stuff that I didn't really get. But I checked and that's the first field test. They have stuff up in the lab here, and are setting up stuff at Marlinsburg, but nowhere else. (I even checked with Luke but he said that there were no mysterious stuff around Penn State, thanks, and what was I up to and he hadn't heard much from me since we'd moved, and why did we move again? And got all over-protective-older-brother on me. I wrote back asking what he was on.)

But there is something bad.

Okay so you know right before we moved to Tower Hill there was an accident at the lab? And they had to get a bunch of new people? Something went wrong with the receiving dishes at the lab. You know feedback with a microphone? When it gets that horrible squealk and everyone winces.

There was a thing with mental feedback, and- they don't know how it happened, thank God, but- the five people who were working there- they were all affected differently, of course, but- one can't recognize anything anymore, one can't speak, two had seizures and – one's dead. Mental feedback. It screws up the brain. With disastrous results.


Okay so that was my news from here. By all means go and ask the mad scientist. I don't know if it'll help- remember when he forgot about Homecoming week? He's just kinda spacey in general. But go ahead. Maybe you could ask something as a "hypothetical" and bounce plans off him or something. I don't know. Stay safe.

Love, Aud