Chapter 18


Ash walked down the marble hallway whistling softly. His silvery blonde hair got into his eyes but he made no intention to push it out of the away. Ash's fellow nurses and doctors nodded and greeted him as he passed by. The blank stares of patients did not stop him from saying good morning and starting a conversation with them. Ash continued his daily walk by passing the reception desk.

"Hello, Sandra. How is everyone going today?" he asked.

"Perfectly fine, Doctor. There has been no change," she replied quietly. Sandra knew which patient Ash was actually asking about.

"Oh," Ash said disappointingly. "Well, how is Freddie doing?"

"He's still down in the kitchens. Seems like there was shortage of some ingredient," Sandra rolled her eyes. "You know how Freddie has been like since culinary school." The phone suddenly rang. "Hello. You have reached the reception desk of Greenville Psychiatric Facility. Sandra speaking. How may I help you?"

Ash silently waved and continued down the hallway. In the midst of patients, he saw a dark- haired man escorting visitors and social workers through the building. When John caught Ash's eye, he nodded a greeting and then smiled energetically to the social worker who, noticeably blushed fiercely.

Ash turned the corner and walked through a specially designed door. He entered a large glass tunnel. Ash had designed it himself, and anyone-even those in wheelchairs-could go through it. It led straight into the forest that was located on the West Wing of the facility. At the end of the tunnel, its mouth widened into a large dome that covered a familiar, stone building. Ash entered the greenhouse dome and walked silently into Marian/Helena's garden. Ash always made sure that all of the flowers were blooming perfectly and that they were watered consistently. An overwhelming sadness hit Ash, but his composure remained and he sat down in front of the fountain of water.

"I knew I would find you here," a voice said quietly behind him. Ash turned and saw Elizabeth standing there looking at him. Elizabeth looked exactly like she did the day she was filled with Helena's soul. There was an aura, however, that made Elizabeth seem older and even wiser for her appearance.

Ash patted a seat next to him with his hand. "Please, sit down." After she had sat, Ash said, "It seems as though it was yesterday that Helena left."

"The memory is still vivid for all of us. As soon as Helena disappeared, you, John, Freddie, Sandra and I were filled with her soul. All of her emotions filled me, and I saw everything that she went through. I saw her past in the orphanage, I saw her happiness with us and I saw her love for you," Elizabeth replied. "It's stupid, but I actually feel her inside me. If I feel sad or lonely, she is there to lift my spirits. If I do something wrong, I feel her squirm and scold me."

Ash laughed. "I know exactly what you mean." They were silent for a few minutes when Ash said, "I guess I haven't told you how happy I am that you and the rest have been here by my side. I could not have done this without all of you," Ash said truthfully.

"We ran away from Greenville, until everything was settled and forgotten. We then came back to the ruins and rebuilt it…" Elizabeth suddenly cackled. "I can still remember Evan's face when you beat him to a pulp. I still can't believe that he tried to run by using Shadow."

"He was smart by using my cloak to disguise himself; however, he was not smart enough for Shadow. I didn't really do anything because Shadow got to the scum first. Too bad they didn't have Canon video cameras back then. I would have loved to have shown the clips to Helena...and I'm glad Abigail was happy that she didn't have to marry me."

"We have pictures of Sandra's wedding and John and mine. Helena will be happy to see those," Elizabeth said, her voice shaking slightly. "I do not know about you, but it was complete luck that her "family" heard of this place's reputation and immediately escorted her here. We did not even have to search-"

Ash's chest burned. He heard Elizabeth clutch her chest and gasp, too. He then unpleasantly felt the sensation of water gushing out of his chest. Subconsciously, he tried holding it in, but it flowed out his body easily. When both of them recovered, Ash and Elizabeth looked at each other in wonderment. Their questions were answered when Sandra, John and Freddie came running inside the dome.

"Did you feel that?" Freddie asked, gasping for breath. He was still clutching his chest.

Ash didn't reply, he just began to run.


I felt as though life had just poured into my body, which had been a shell for so long. Dazed, I looked around the room. The walls were completely white, and the window had bars on them. I was sitting in front of an equally white table, with a thick notebook in front of me. Curiously, I opened the book to the very last page. My drawing showed Elizabeth, John, Sandra, Freddie and Ash standing over my body in a circle. Their hands were tightly woven together, and I saw my soul hovering above me. I smiled. I had remembered everything. Looking at my surroundings, I realized I was in a metal contraption with wheels. Subconsciously, I tried remembering how to get out of it. I stooped down and moved the foot rests apart. Then, slowly, I shakily stood up. After getting a little strength in my legs, I glanced at my reflection in a silver mirror that hung from one of the walls. My black hair was the same; however, my face was no longer pale from over-working and exhaustion. To my surprise and almost relief, I saw that I still had my bright purple eyes. Smiling, I touched the glass to see if I was really standing there. I was no longer a spell. I was Helena Andreas…a human. Then relief and fear filled me at the same time, causing big fat tears to roll down my cheeks. I could not believe that I had been reborn. As soon as this thought came, I longed to see my friends once more. Trailing my fingers on the white wall for balance, I headed to the big white bolted door. No sooner had I hobbled a few feet towards it, the door burst open. I saw those bright green eyes and my tears fell even more. As Ash's arms tightly enveloped me, I knew that everything was going to be just fine.

The End

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-=Dansina Field=-

Excerpt from "Ferris Wheels"


A flash of light brought me back from the thousandth thought of Wataru. I was so absorbed in my coughing brain that I believed that I had imagined the flash. However, I had the lingering feeling that both lightning and thunder had struck and rocked the ground without even making a whisper. A crash of something hitting the water immediately caused me to look out in the darkness. Over the loud thrashing and churning water, I barely made out the figure. I looked around but I knew that it was fruitless to yell for help. I bit my lip. Check the scene. My hands tightened around the metal railings that usually prevented foolish people like me from jumping into the water. With a last check to see if anyone could help, I lifted my camera strap over my head and place my precious possession on the ground. Climbing over the railing was fine, but slinking down the concrete was not my idea of fun. Once I was at the edge of the murky water, I had already left my sandals in a tangled mess. Whatever was I thinking?


A million things muddled my mind. The first was the fact that I was alive and breathing hard, the second….was the fact that the person whom I saved was unconscious. However, perhaps the most unignorable—if there was ever such a word--aspect was that he was naked. Okay. I lied. The most unignorable fact was that the naked man that I saved was covered in blood. His shivering white body was stained with welts and menacing lacerations. I sat there, dumbstruck and wondered what I should do. I shivered a little as I sat next to him in a tank top. My shirt was wet, but provided enough coverage for him. All right. I lied twice. I didn't really save him. In fact, I couldn't even hold him because of his rock-like body structure. Nothing in my Lifeguarding class taught how to properly hold a water victim who was built like a body builder and at least 190 centimeters in height. When I got to him, it took all of my strength to get his blonde head out of the water. Even with my years of competitive swimming and training, I was of course immediately dragged underwater.

Struggling and cursing my foolishness, I attempted to reach the surface again. It was then that I felt the very body that I held, regain consciousness. Within moments, he received enough energy to drag both of us to the safety of air. We kicked and squirmed until he—with one arm—grasped the concrete and pulled us both out of the water. Then he fainted.