The Sorcerer's Legacy


Upon her throne the High Sorceress Karina sits. She was fragile, hours earlier she had given birth to a baby girl. She was pale with dark rings under her eyes. She focused herself upon exerting the will it would take to summon the one agent who might find her stolen child.

"Lilith, of the dark I call you forth. Of olden days you served my ancestors who bound the Divine behind the Great Seal."

It was a dangerous gamble. Karina grasped her athame, sliced open her left hand. The blood fell on to the large sigil she had drawn. Karina, had ruled over north Somaland for fifteen years. Evangeline was her second child. The first, Fidelina had died upon her fifth birthday. Evangeline had been her miracle. The birth had left Karina exhausted. When she awoke from her sleep she discovered the nursemaids dead and Evangeline missing.

The throne room had been locked. Karina meditated, gathering her strength. The lamps fell dead; plunging the room into darkness. Karina paid no attention to this. Lilith was nearby, Karina could sense her presence.

"It has been forever since I have heard the call of your kin Karina. I was beginning to think you'd forgotten me."

The sigil held strong against the power of the demon within.

"You are no fool Karina to have sealed the sigil with your own blood. Why have you summoned me?" Lilith questioned.

"My daughter is missing. My powers cannot find her. I need your help most ancient of mothers."

"You will set me loose upon your land?"

"Yes, do what you must to find my daughter. Take any prize for yourself just bring her back to me."

A feeling of pleasure emanated from the seal.

"Then we have an pact. Signed in blood, this sigil is our contract. Your daughter will be found, none will deny me my prize."

Lilith vanished from within the sigil. The lamps relit bringing the room out of darkness into the soft glow of their light. Upon her throne, the sorceress Karina was resolute in her action. The small tremor of fear within her soul was quickly quelled.