Chapter One

The omens had been positive, Stay close to the shoreline, beware the dark waters. Captain Javier Anila had set off from the port of Essea at dawn. His wife, Alisa and daughter, Flantae were below in the cabin preparing the day's lunch. Javier had sailed the waters of Essea for ten years., in that time he had never seen such a calm day.

Blue skies turned dark and heavy within the blink of an eye. A vicious squall descended upon the small ship without warning. Javier fought the wheel for control as tall waves rocked the boat. Lightning cracked through the sky. From below Alisa emerged as the thunder boomed. Javier called out to her as a wall of water swamped the boat. Below, Flantae felt her world spin as the boat capsized. Survival instinct took over as she hit the roof hard. Her shoulder jarred and burned with pain. The ocean was invading the overturned cabin. She pounded the walls of the boat searching for a weak spot in the hull. Water flowed faster now, she struggled to stay above the icy cold seawater. She gasped for air as her injured right arm exhausted her effort to remain in the small air pocket.

I don't want to die. Please god, do not let me die.

The water pulled her under, the pain made her cry. Desperate tears in an merciless ocean.

Flantae floated in the dark watery abyss. Her last breath leaving her. Time was disappearing and she no longer cared. Heaven was just a hair's breadth away. Before her mind's eye swam a symbol, a 10-pointed star with writing inside that glowed with a faint blue luminescence. Flantae reached out her hand to touch the image but her fingers grasped nothing, she felt a tinge of pain that became a jolt of electricity through her senses.

Burning with pain, she fell from the bliss of dying, and landed on a patch of sandy earth.