Get It While the Gettin's Good

August 8, 2009

Dedicated to: Abbie and Carrie Freed

The country girl inside of me

Is tearing her way out of what I try to be

Long walks beside the cornfield with the man you love

It's thoughts like these I tend to push and shove

Warm, hearty home cookins are the most expensive dish

When I am far from home, the food is short a wish

Dirty, chiseled hands bring strength and comfort

Those boys are lacking in the city, there's none of the sort

The breath of the breeze is fresh and rejuvenating

When the sun decides to go to sleep the colors are illuminating

There is no man worth leaving this curtain of stars

And I have yet had the joy of capturing fireflies in jars

I need to wrangle a man who's willing to stay where the wild wind blows

I wonder if my country fried spirit is one I'll ever really know