Home Body

June 28, 2009

See the local boy in his element

Perfect outside of my own niche

Homemade ice cream never tasted so foreign

Ring of chocolate paints the ridge of my lips

Sticky fingers lace my shoes for an adventure

Ready to leave my sole on this unacquainted ground

Our hands are wound tightly, little to do with sticky sugar

The boat won't steer when this pond is full of reeds

We'll have to wade instead, getting drenched to the skin

Shivering all over, not because of the chilled water

It's times like these when I forget where I am from

Am I ready to pull up those roots yet?

Some say my dreams are too much for my small town to handle

I need to be thrown into a fresh vat of reality

No use in preparing for the world outside of here

When this is where your feet will stomp forever

I'll pretend I believe you for the time being

But my bags are all packed for the first sign of escape