Joseph's Eyes

June 28, 2009

Boy, those dark browns take me down

One look and I'm flat on my face

They are penetrating to my fragile core

Those eyes alone erase my aloneness

You are unbeatable as you bat those babies

How did you get them in your arsenal?

They soften my stiffest emotions

I bend over backwards for their stare

Can you see me in the midst of their glory?

I hear a million choruses praising those orbs

My voice is the one slicing through the crowd

I pray the dancing colors will never alter

They know just how to get me to giggle

They can smile without the aid of those rosy lips

But those should be saved for their own tale

Your eyes dig me out of my pits of despair

Soothe my heart that wails for completion

Consumes my thoughts like water for a parched plant

Want to rise every morning with them by my side

Never known of any sight that made me feel more alive