The barman Cam had not been hired so much for is ability to mix martinis and uncap beers but because he had a knack for noticing patterns, connections that eluded others. Some claimed it was his Spark, his psychic gift. Cam wasn't so sure maybe it was because he had been behind a bar since before he was old enough to legally drink himself. Tonight, however, Cam was willing to entertain the idea that he was indeed psychic. He couldn't tell you what action first drew his attention to the four seemingly unrelated men, but they were together, Cam could feel it. He once again looked across the smoky barroom. His eyes scanned the odd assortment of people gathered there, and again the Asian punk with green eyes, green and black spiked hair having a serious conversation with some of the house band's member over by the stage stuck out. Moving on he saw the blond brown eyes sitting at a table talking about the local hockey team's chances this year. Passed him there was the Mediterranean looking man dressed in a designer dress shirt and pants chatting up a couple of girls by the dance floor. And lastly the other blond dressed in plain clothes sitting by himself at the bar nursing a beer. He had been the last one Cam had noticed and he still wasn't sure if he was a part of the group or not, but as for the others Cam was certain that somehow in some way for some reason they were here together. The thought sent a chill down his spine; because whoever they were they were working awfully hard to hide the connection and they were damn good.

Cam turning to the person who had called out to him, struggled to hide his surprise and nervousness as he realized that it was the blond that was sitting alone. Cam moved cautiously toward the man who he now could see was in his early twenties. Cam thought for a minute about carding him, if only to learn a little about him. Cam was still contemplating the idea when he drew even with the young man and got a good look at his hands and face. The blonde's hands were the hands of a fighter he could see the scars and fresh cuts of someone who fought a lot, however his face showed no signs of bruising that the hard, the cold vacant look in the man's blue eyes suggested that he won the fights and that perhaps asking for an ID was not a wise decision.

Instead, he just nodded to the young man and asked, "What can I do for you?"

The young man didn't respond just nodded toward his empty beer and then when back to staring at empty space. Cam complied with the silent order and then turned back to his other business with a vow to himself that he would ignore the group and perhaps say a prayer or two to any of the gods watching over the city of Chronos.

Naktis – Lithuanian-night

Hakumei- Japanese-Twilight

Giorno- Italian- Day

Tagesanbruch –German- Dawn