I'm sure you're dreading our contact.
(I'm sure you think I'm mad, or

I'm sure you'll get home, around 10:45.
and first you'll shower. slowly.
and by the time you get out, it will be 11:25.

flustered you will dry and dress quickly.
by 11:35, you will have your cell phone in your hand.
my name, on the screen.

it will go black, you will click left.
you will do this, at least 4 times.

by then it will be 11:41.
frustrated, you will shove your phone under your pillow.

you will then bury yourself in the pillow,
and tell yourself,
that my smell faded,
a week ago.
(but you will still smell something that makes your guts curl)

you will tell me the next day that you accidentally fell asleep.
but you and I both know you won't be sleeping tonight.