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---Kyuubi sama


Blood trickled down her forehead seconds after she received that heavy blow, staining the cold hard floor with fresh glistening splatters of red.

She inhaled deeply, trying to regain her steady breathing. The pain was far too agonizing for even her to handle. She kept a solid cold gaze onto the ground as beads of sweat and tears rolled down her cheeks and landed gently upon the surface of the ground.

The scrawny fragile looking girl winced as her body contacted metal, sending her sprawling onto the ground. Even under these conditions, she never uttered a single word.

She lay battered and beaten on the ground, still and lifeless just like a rag doll. Just when she was about to close her eyes, a deep voice seemed to appear in her head, alerting her at once. She couldn't sleep after that.

"You're getting far too pampered lately, my child," the same voice she loathed echoed throughout the tiny room. She hated the room. It was where sinners like her get punishment from their leader for disobeying him. It smelt of stale blood and vomit. The stench was enough to make her sick for weeks. The young girl no older than sixteen kept silent, not daring to argue.

"That last job I gave you that your squad failed in doing almost ruined me. You do know what that means don't you?" the voice continued softly but yet she could feel the dangerous aura emitted from it. He paused as the girl nodded slowly, still not budging from her position. However, her insides were churning with anger.

What the hell is your problem?!! You told me and my squad to collect the protection money from this- this Li guy and now you blame me for not being in headquarters when an emergency comes up?! And that Li guy didn't even have the freakin' money! Who's the one making the screw ups here, huh? This whole thing should be your lousy problem, not mine!

"I can see that anger in your eyes, Yuuri. I know that you still hate me for all that I've done to you and your family. Don't try to hide it. That nasty bit of hatred is still there, and it always will be," an elderly man with a head of thick grey-white hair smirked, picking up the girl by the collar like she was made out of dust.

"I'm sorry, Minato-sama. I swear, no more mistakes from this day forth," she gritted her teeth, both her hands grasping tightly onto the man's arms, choking for air as she was forcefully lifted off the ground.

He seemed to ignore her as his intelligent oak brown eyes took her in silently. "You are a good fighter, unfortunately. A trump card to our little company. That's why I can't kill you just yet," he let go off her roughly. The helpless girl was sent crashing onto the ground once again. She bit her tongue, forcing herself to keep silent.

Code #9 in the rulebook of a Yakuza : Never show emotion even when in pain.

Code #1 in the rulebook of a Yakuza: The leader is always right. Those who dare challenge the decision of the leader leads to immediate annihilation regardless of rank.

She had sworn herself to the codes and had every single one of them memorized in three days. Not that there were that many rules to abide by.

"Remember, Yuuri. One more little screw up and you'll be dead just like your precious little family," the man in the black robe laughed scornfully, walking out the room and slamming the door shut. She kept silent for a few moments, allowing her body to regain its lost energy.

Curse you, Uncle, I never make mistakes. This one was entirely your fault.

Yuuri Takahisa managed to sit up, her dull auburn red eyes now focusing onto yellowish sheet of paper on the ground her uncle had left behind for her. She reached out slowly to grab it, not wanting to damage her arm any further and also to prevent that fragile piece of cheap papyrus from disintegrating. Her sharp eyes scanned it quickly. Her face fell as she collapsed back onto the ground, feeling extremely pissed at the moment. In her hand was the scrunched up piece of paper with the words,

"School Transfer, Seishun Gakuen"


A pair of smoke-grey orbs was glued onto the blazing screen of a machine, its owner's fingers moving frantically along the controls.

"Damn it!" a teenage boy slammed his fist onto the machine in frustration as the screen in front of him blared 'Game Over'.

"Ren, get me another quarter," he turned his head to another boy who was also hooked onto a videogame. "H-Hold on a sec, Jun… Gimme a moment…" Ren replied hastily as his golden yellow eyes focused onto the addictive screen, trying to rake in more points. "The Okami does not wait, you bastard," the boy, presumably the leader of the pack spat as his peers surrounding the other machines smirked.

"I have a quarter, Ju-" one of them started when Jun's smoke grey eyes flashed fiercely at once. That name of his intimidated him. It made him remember stuff he did not want to remember. "Idiot. Only Ren is allowed to use that name, remember?" he snarled warningly as the other flinched in slight fear. "I'm sorry, Okami-sama," he apologized as the boy known as 'Okami' smirked in satisfaction.

"Come on boys, the night's still young! Drinks are on me," he announced as he leaned against one of the machines lazily, lighting up a cigarette as his pack cheered him on.

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Haha. Pretty long for a prologue isn't it?

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