I wanted to write a vampire story, but I'm sick of romancey BS now that Twilight has become the big thing.

This story will most likely be pretty twisted, and I'll warn ya, this chapter gets hella violent. I was in a... special mood.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it, but don't expect lovey-dovey, or even semi-sweet. While relationships might build, they will be of the twisted, love-to-hate variety.

If you're looking for sappy Anne Rice vampires, go read a Twilight fic. (Cause honestly the only ones I can stand in that book are James and Felix, and they're both bad guys)



At first I couldn't see him. With all the rain pouring down around us, he was a vague silhouette out at the edge of the property. I knew it was him though; could feel it in my bones. My heart did a funny little patter as I dashed out into the storm, smiling wide and not caring that I would be soaked in moments.

"Isaac!" I cried, throwing out my arms as if to hug him, but the creature didn't move. My splashing footsteps slowed as I came close enough to see his face. Somber and…cold, like I'd never seen before. The vampire had been nothing but gracious and charming since the moment we met, but now, in front of the cabin, he seemed almost angry.

"Isaac? What wrong?" I glanced back toward the small, stone cabin my friends now, temporarily, called home. They hadn't told me why we needed to leave the city, just that we could tell no one. I shook away those thoughts as I stepped closer to the immortal. The need to touch him, to kiss him, was almost unbearable. The nights we'd been away from one another had almost been too much for me. Finally I'd had to tell him where I was, so that we could be together. If only for the night.

"Isaac, why do you look so-"

"Hush, Mira" his voice was like the deepest currents of the ocean. Dark and resonate, it pulled at me, enticed me, until my mind began to spin and only clutching his hand could ground me again. Like a switch being thrown, the life returned to his face, and a smile curled his lips. "Will you not invite me inside?"

"The others…" I bit my lower lip and glanced back at the cabin, barely visible in the rain. "They don't know you're here, I wasn't supposed to-"

His finger fell over my lips, his eyes shimmered. I could always get lost in those eyes; one a deep green, the other a blue so vivid it was nearly cobalt. Impossible, but there. His patchwork eyes, I called them.

"I have no time for this game, Mira. Take me inside." His fingers traced the line of my mouth, down my jaw, then curled around my throat. "Do not make me force you."

"I don't understand." I tried to step back, but his grip on my throat tightened. I knew he could crush my airway as if it were a tower of sand; tear my very head from my shoulders with so little effort it would bore him. But he had never threatened me before.

"I will give you to the count of 3, Mira." Isaac still sounded so calm, almost businesslike. While I began to tremble, he only gazed steadily down at me, waiting.

"Isaac, why are you doing this?"


"Please, tell me what's wrong!"


As I opened my mouth to cry to him, his other hand rested on my shoulder. I felt the disks in my spine pop as he stretched my head from my shoulders, my hands flew up to grab at his wrists, but it was like yanking at stone. Immovable.

"Wait!" I cried, "I'll invite you in!"

The pressure lessened, and I realized with horror that his expression had not once changed from the blank coldness it had been. He would have killed me then without so much as a thought.

"Well?" his eyes were black now, the pupil swelling to consume the iris and then the white.

"You can come inside only if you tell me what you are going to do."

This made him smile, flashing his canines, now longer and slightly curved. They were not the subtle fangs of the vampires in movies, able to sink in and pull away leaving the victim still breathing, with only strange marks to prove there was an attack. Real vampires, did not leave their prey alive. They torn them open, guzzling down the flow of live until there was nothing left. Once I had believed he was different from the others, but not now, not while he smiled so maliciously. He was a monster.

"You promise to invite me in?"

He would kill me if I refused, we both knew that, so I nodded.

"You're..friends..are criminals. They hunt my kind for sport and vengeance. For years our trackers searched for their nests, but they were clever enough to stay beneath our radar, moving before we even realized they had settled down. The rats would have remained hidden if not for you."

His smile was a cruel mockery of the one that had so thoroughly stolen my heart. I saw now, that it had all been a game.

"But…" I swallowed the lump in my throat, thankful that the rain disguised my tears. "What will you do to them?"

"I can not allow them to continue what they are doing, now can I?" He chuckled, then sobered, the smile melting so that I would know his words were serious. "I will kill them. Those who fight like men will be torn apart, those that hide I will find and beat to death with the remains."

Bile rose in my throat, his fingers had left my neck to caress my cheek. "And me?" I asked, voice breaking, "Will you kill me?"

Isaac offered a truly sweet smile then, pulling me close and kissing my temple as he had when stealing my heart. "Silly little girl. It would be ungrateful to kill one who has helped me so much." He pulled back, lifting my chin to stare into my eyes with his frightening black ones. "After I have dispatched the rodents, sweet Mira, you may come with me to my home. It has been decades since I last had a plaything."

At my horrified expression, he laughed, tracing my lower lip with his cold thumb. "You will grow to like it, little one, and if you don't, I will end your suffering."

"How gracious of you." The words were bitter, but he only smiled, kissing my forehead. Isaac looked up at the cabin then, his expression becoming all business.

"I would allow you to remain here, away from the sight of their deaths, but it seems you must be inside the dwelling to invite me."

I barely heard him, but nodded anyway. What had I done? Why had I been so stupid? How could I have believed his lies? Isaac must have read the questions on my face, because he offered a slight smile and brushed the hair from my eyes.

"I have seduced far sharper minds then yours, child. There was nothing you could have done." He nodded toward the cabin. "Now go. Say your goodbyes while they can still hear them."

Thunder crashed above us, and purple lightning split the sky. For a moment, Isaac was illuminated, a faint glow that seemed to radiate from him. He seemed godlike and unstoppable now.

"Please, " I whispered, knowing he could still hear me, "Can you make it quick for them?"

He seemed to consider it a moment, then smiled, lips closed, and turned me toward the cabin without reply. Knowing that meant they would suffer, I forced myself to move toward the cabin. It was a miracle I made it to the door with my violent shaking.

The door opened, bringing with it a rush of warmth. Laughter tumbled out of the living room where my family now lounged, nursing whiskey and hot coco. Sarah, a pretty blonde who had taken me in only last year appeared in the wooden archway that connected the living room and kitchen. A giant fogged pane of glass settled in the wall beside it so I could see the others blurred forms in the living room. Sarah smiled, as warm as ever, and went to the small refrigerator to fill her glass tumbler with ice.

"We all wondered where you'd gone. What were you doing out in the rain?"

I stared at her, eyes welling with tears. Sarah paused, setting down her glass to frown at me in concern.

"Mira? What's wrong?"

Toby, a tall man in his late twenties came into the kitchen then. He glanced between us, then turned to me with a frown of his own. "Is everything ok in here, girls?"

I lost it then, falling back against the wall beside the open door and drew a shaky breath. "I'm sorry." I sobbed, wrapping my arms around myself as if they could protect me. "I didn't know."

"Didn't know what?" Toby asked moving toward me as he glanced over at Sarah. The laughter in the living room had stopped, and I knew that soon the others would join us. The thought made me feel sick all over again, and I squeezed my eyes closed. The words tumbled from my tongue on a whisper, but he heard it, wherever he'd been waiting. "Come in, Isaac."

"Mira, what are you…" but Toby trailed off and the room became so deadly quiet I had to open my eyes again.

I felt it when he'd stepped over the threshold, like the cold wind of death had blown over our home. All the warmth of the place seemed to drain away as the hunters realized what was happening. What I had just done to them.

"Oh god." Sarah breathed, backing into the fridge. Her hand swept back as if to grasp a weapon that wasn't there and her eyes grew glassy, like mine. Toby didn't move, his eyes were wide and glued to the monster I had just invited into our home. His fists opened and closed at his sides a few times, the sweat already beading on his forehead.

"What have you done, Mira?" He asked softly, but Isaac was kind enough to answer for me.

The vampire stroked my cheek with the backs of his knuckles and smiled. "This will be over shortly, little one. Close your eyes if you must."

He knew I wouldn't be able to. Knew I wouldn't be unable to look away as he slaughtered my family. It probably even pleased him. Toby, however finally looked at me, and his expression was utter horror and betrayal.

"Why?" the question was spoken shakily, as Sarah gazed between us both. I wanted to answer, wanted to make them believe it had all been a mistake, but Isaac never gave me the chance.

He moved almost too quickly to follow, going strait for the leader. Sarah got the chance to scream, but Toby's throat was already being ripped open. His hands flew up to cover the gaping hole, as if it would stop the blood that gushed out like a pressurized hose. By the time he hit his knees with a gurgled cry, Sarah was being lifted into the air by her throat, cutting off her next scream before she could make it. Isaac flicked his wrist, and her head snapped to the side, her neck broken.

The body was thrown through the giant window as if it weighed nothing. As glass exploded into the living room, the others had already begun to scream. I could see them all from my place by the door, but they were too occupied to notice me. Sarah's body hit the ground hard and rolled across the floor as Isaac moved to the next hunter. Michael was yelling at the others to run when the monster grabbed his shirtfront and jerked him close. He went like Toby. Isaac even laughed as he spit the chunk of flesh onto the hardwood, drinking in the heavy flow of blood as if it were an open tap of wine.

4 to go.

Sam and Alice were the first to get to the weapons. The siblings aimed guns at the vampire and fired as fast as they were able. The first two bullets hit their mark, burying themselves in Isaac's back, but he spun with Michael still in hand and the corpse took the rest of the barrage as he moved toward them. Sam, tried to shield his sister, but was knocked off his feet by his best friend's body.

Alice tripped as she back-peddled away from the monster, firing off the last three bullets right into his chest. He grunted, but didn't slow, batting the gun from her hands so hard I heard the bone snap in her forearm. She screamed, kicked at him, but Isaac grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the ground. By then Sam had gotten back to his feet. He realized what was happening right as Isaac punched his fist into the girl's gut.

"No!" Sam screamed, and launched himself at the monster. Isaac caught his arm, dropping the girl while she still twitched and yanked him in close. Everett appeared from the back hallway in time to fire off his crossbow, screaming that Adrian (the last hunter) get out while he could. The arrow buried itself in Isaac's arm and the monster growled like an animal, dropping Sam to grab the bolt. Moving frantically, Everett tried to fit the next bolt into the crossbow, but Isaac was already across the room.

He grabbed Everett's wrist and placed his free hand against the curve of his throat. Recognition flashed through the hunter's eyes a second before the vampire began to pull. I screamed then, couldn't help myself, as he ripped the limb from my friend's body like he was made of rags. The sound it made, wet and nauseatingly real, would stay with me for the rest of my life.

Everett screamed in agony, falling to his knees as the last bit of flesh was torn away. Isaac reared back the arm, holding it at the wrist and swung it back, striking him across the side of the head hard enough to send him crashing to the floor. He hit him again against his ribs, which I heard crack from the kitchen. I had to turn away then. The world was spinning and I was going to be sick.

"You stupid bitch!"

By then time I recognized Adrian's voice, he had already tackled me to the floor with his hand's around my neck. I tried to cry out, but he bashed my head down against the hardwood. The world seemed to flash white until he repeated the action with a curse, eyes wild. He knew they were all dead, knew that no one would survive this, and had decided to take me out before he died.

"Look what you've done!" he bellowed, pulling away one hand to rear back and slug me with it, right across the jaw. I yelped, tasting blood, then cried out as I was suddenly being pulled across the floor so fast I lost my sense of direction. Adrian screamed and released my throat only to fly off somewhere. I coughed, pushing myself up then stiffened when I found myself in the middle of the massacre.

Sarah lay amidst a scattering of glass shards, her neck bulging at an odd angle, eyes open and starring strait at me. Sobbing in terror, I crab walked backwards, ignoring the pain of glass in my palms, then shrieked as I hit another body. Alice, still conscious, coughed up a mouthful of blood. Her good arm was wrapped tightly around her stomach, but didn't stop the spill of intestines and blood onto the dirty floor. Everett lay in a broken mess near the hall, his face and chest beaten beyond recognition with his own arm. Adrian had stopped screaming, but it was because he'd been slit from groin to chin, his insides making a trail to the wide-eyed corpse which had been flung across the room. I heard Isaac laugh and spun to find him standing not 4 feet from me, with his fist in Sam's hair.

For a moment, the world froze, and the last remaining hunter lifted his eyes to mine. The hatred I saw there was too intense to bare, but I couldn't force myself to look away. Isaac glanced at his wounded arm with a slight frown before throwing Sam to the floor and placing his boot in the center of his back to keep him there. No matter how he thrashed, the hunter could not get away, and the vampire took his time pulling the bolt from his arm. He fingered the hole in his the sleeve of his blood stained dress shirt then glanced down at Sam and sighed.

Before either of us knew what was happening, the monster knelt down and stabbed the arrow strait through Sam's bicep and into the floor, pinning him. Sam's cry of pain rivaled my own startled shriek. Not wanting to draw attention, I slapped both hands over my mouth. Isaac, however, glanced up despite my efforts, arching a brow.

"I see your attacker didn't get very far." He mused stepping off of the writhing Sam to approach me. Even knowing it was pointless, I tried to scuttle away, but the monster caught my arm and dragged me to my feet, catching me when I slipped in the pooling blood on the floor.

"You can thank me any time for helping you." As he spoke, he swept the hair from my eyes, sticky with blood, and inspected me. "No other damage that I can see." he murmured.

My eyes remained wide and teary as he finished his inspection and pulled me toward Sam. The hunter had stopped struggling until he saw us, then he began thrashing about like a beached fish. Blood spurted from the wound on his bicep each time he pulled at it, but he didn't seem to notice. Isaac stopped me right in front of him and sighed.

"We're almost done here, little one. Hang in there."

Sam groaned when Isaac planted his foot on his back again and pushed down. I heard a sickening crack, followed by a wet cough, and blood exploded from his mouth, splattering the floor around his face. I could only stare down at him, frozen and petrified. Sam let slip a strange sound of pain, like a whimper and a growl all in one, and raised his eyes to me.

"You think…you're safe?" He spoke through pants, eyes blazing furiously through his agony. Isaac, gazed down at him cooly and pressed his foot down a bit more. Another crack as more ribs splintered and punctured his organs. He cried out, then grit his teeth, spitting out the blood toward my feet. "He's…going to…kill you when he…" more breaking as Isaac ground his heel down, a tiny smile curled at the corner of his mouth. "You'll die…just like…us." He drew a wet, ragged breath, coughing it back up with blood, then, to my horror, forced a grim smile. His teeth were stained with red, and it bubbled at the corners of his mouth as he continued to hemorrhage; but still he smiled up at me, narrowing his eyes. "We'll…be waiting…for you."

Isaac pushed down then until the crack was so loud it had to be Sam's sternum. He gasped wetly for a moment or two, then finally, went limp. It was about then that the ringing started in my ears, loud enough to drown out whatever it was Isaac was saying. The world tilted sideways, and I was surprised the find the ground rushing up to meet me. I couldn't even cry anymore, couldn't move. Isaac nudged me with the toe of his boot, then sighed heavily, looking irritated. Muttering to himself, he bent over and scooped me up into one arm, cradling me against his chest like a doll. My head rolled against his shoulder, my neck limp and useless as the rest of me.

The world had dimmed at the edges of my vision, as if I might loose consciousness. I prayed I did, because the release that would bring would be blissful. Everything around me was crashing down, the world crumbling in on itself and screaming as it went. The sound was deafening.

"Come now, sweet Mira. Let's get you to your new home, shall we?"