Okay, so this is just an idea I had in my head. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue it. Yes, it will eventually be teacher/student, but not very soon. If you have a big problem with that, I'm not forcing you to read.

It's never a good day when your idiot of a brother decides to wake up with a hangover and refuse to drive you to school. It's never a good day when, after you endure the 20 minute long walk from your house, all the hallways of your school are empty when you walk to class. It's never a good day when the bell that signals the start of first period sounds and you're still on the other side of the school. It's never a good day when you get lost, and it's definitely not a good day when all of these happen at once, on your first day at Jameson Grove Senior High.

Casey Fields was having a bad day.

She knew something like this would happen, ever since she woke up in the morning.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Bee-THUNK.

Casey rolled over onto her back after she finished the assault on her alarm clock, which read 7:30am, and sighed loudly. Today was her first day at Jameson Grove High, the day she had been dreading ever since she and her brother moved here from across the country. It's not that she didn't like school... okay, yes it was that she didn't like school. In fact, she hated it. That was common knowledge to everyone at her old school, where she was known as a troublemaker and a bit of a rebel.
But your first day at a new high school was hard for everyone, at least that's what her brother had tried to tell her.
Thinking of her brother, Casey groaned. Josh had been to a party the previous night, and was probably laying passed out in some random chick's bed.

After getting up and making her way out of her room, Casey found out it was actually the other way round. Walking down the hall, she saw Josh's bedroom door halfway open, and peeked in. Beside him on his bed lay a redheaded girl, and it was obvious, despite the bed covers, that they were both naked.

"Oh come on!" Casey exclaimed, disgusted. This was the second time in just under a month that she had found her brother with a companion in his bed, and she was getting sick of it.
She grabbed a t-shirt of the ground near her feet and chucked it at Josh's head, who woke up with a start.

"What the hell!" He spotted Casey, with her arms folded in the doorway, and grumbled, "Go away, Crazy!"

Josh's use of her despised nickname made her even more enraged, "Josh, get the fuck up! I've got school, and you have work!"

He hid his head with a pillow, "No, I've got a hangover. Work can wait."

"School can't! Get your slut out of your bed, and out of our house," she replied, frustrated.

"Your not Mum, Casey! Stop acting like her! I'm in charge, I'm your older brother!"

"Oh yeah? Then why are you acting like such a five-year-old!?"

"Oh I don't know, why are you acting like such a bitch?"

"Aargh!" Casey stomped out of the room, and went to take a shower, where she calmed down somewhat.

Her brother really pissed her off sometimes. Just because he was four years older than her, he thought he was allowed to do anything, while she wasn't. What pissed her off the most, though, was every time he brought one of his girlfriends home for the night. Or even a total random he met at a bar. It was like she, his sister, wasn't even there.

After getting out of the shower and drying her long and slightly curly dark brown hair, she went back to her room and found the uniform that was sent to her a week ago. It consisted of a plain collared white shirt with the dark blue school insignia on the left breast, a navy coloured skirt, and a navy cardigan. Overall, it wasn't too bad and Casey was relieved to find out that she was allowed to wear her own shoes, stockings and accessories. She slowly got dressed, brushed some makeup on and glumly put her needed books into her favourite leather bag. She made her way to the kitchen, where she had jam on toast, and then quickly brushed her teeth before looking at the time. 8:12. She knew that her school started at 8:30, so she needed Josh to drop her off in his car.

"Josh! We need to leave!"

There was silence for a couple of seconds before Casey strained her ears and heard him reply, "No, I gotta hangover. Can't drive."

She sighed, "What am I s'posed to do then! It takes like, half an hour to walk there, and I'll be late!"

She heard a "So what? You don't usually care," before she made a growling sound and walked out the front door, slamming it behind her.

Nope, not a good day.

*End Flashback*

Casey was sitting on a bench and had long ago given up on trying to find her classroom. They didn't seem to be in any particular order, and it was really confusing. She didn't really mind missing class, as her first session was maths, and boy, did she hate maths.

"Hey, you. Do you need help?"

Casey looked up from her inspection of her timetable to see a tall boy about her age, with short black hair and tan skin. His honey coloured eyes looked at her with interest.

Boldly, she replied, "No, I'm fine. What's it to you?"

He walked a bit closer and shrugged, "I always offer to help hot chicks."

Casey laughed, and stood up, "Well, you wouldn't mind showing me where Mr. Parker's math class is then?"

"No prob," he replied, "That's my class too."

They started walking.

"Why are you out here, then?"

"I, uh, had a little incident with a pen. It didn't exactly agree with being stolen from Mr. Parker's desk by me," he answered, with an embarrassed smile. He showed Casey his hands, which were covered in red ink.

"Wow, that gives a whole new meaning to 'caught red-handed', doesn't it?" She said giggling.

He joined in laughing, "Hey, I don't even know your name."

"Your right, you don't," replied Casey, smartly.

"Uh, yeah... I'm Dane, at your service."

"Huh, I have a cousin called Dane. You look nothing like him, though."

"That's, uh, nice? C'mon, what's your name? It's gotta be something pretty."

Casey smiled, "Guess."

"No, that's not fair! You gotta tell me."


Dane got an evil look in his eye and snatched her timetable from her hands and read aloud, "Casey Shannon Fields."

Casey crossed her arms and tried to look angry.

"I was right," Dane replied, "It is a pretty name."

She rolled her eyes and smiled.

Dane stopped outside a door, "Well, here it is. Brace yourself, Casey," and before she had time to ask why, he opened the door for her and gently pushed her in, before stepping in himself.

All eyes in the classroom turned to them, regarding Casey with interest, as Dane had when he met her.

A voice came from her right, "Mr. West, you have finally decided to return to us. Sit down."

Dane made his way to the back of the classroom, where he was greeted by his friends.

The man turned to Casey, "Who are you?"

"Uh, I'm- "

"Casey Shannon Fields!" Dane replied for her, calling out from the back of the classroom.

Casey flushed, "Yeah, and I'm new here."

"Obviously," said the teacher, who looked her up and down briefly, taking in her flushed face, long dark hair that reached way past her shoulders, and surprisingly light green eyes.

Casey took her chance to do the same. He was very young, probably only a few years older than herself, and was also very attractive. He had a surfer kind of look, with shaggy sandy-blond hair that just fell short of his shoulders and lightly tanned skin. His eyes were a blue-grey, that gave off a cold feeling. Why he was teaching math, of all subjects, she didn't know, but she knew that this was one teacher that she wouldn't mind seeing everyday.

At least, at first.

So I hope you don't hate it, and I hope you like the characters. Casey is basically based off me and my friend, morphed into one person. She's like, our little baby.
It will be Casey/[insert Mystery Teacher's name here], although it's gonna start out Casey/Dane.

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