I'll show you.

I'll show you, all of the people who thought I wasn't good enough.

Like the bully who laughed when he tripped me up,

Like the popular girl who laughed as she joked about me to her friends,

Like the boy who called me ugly when I asked him to the disco,

Like the friend who gossiped about me to my friends,

Like the girl who passed me a note saying 'get a bath',

Like the teacher who tried not to laugh at a joke at my expense,

Like the boy who pointed and laughed at my cheap shoes,

Like the girl who burst out laughing when she saw my jumper was tatty,

Or even the girl that jumped me.

I'll show you all.

I'll show you I am actually pretty,

I'll show you looks don't matter,

I'll show you being a geek pays of,

I'll show you that I now earn more money than you,

I'll show you how well I'm doing,

I'll show you how your bullying didn't do anything to me,

I'll show you how much better than you I am for not trying to 'fit in' and be popular.

I'll show you how an education really is good,

I'll show you how I never listened.

Do you not just realise I do not care what you think? So what I'm not wearing the latest fashion, so what I'm wearing cheap and tatty clothes.

We shall see who's laughing, even as you taunt me by calling 'Anna, nice jumper'. I do not care.