Chapter 9 Bio Hazard

"I really do not want to go to Biology today," I whined pulling my textbook out of my locker and shoving it mercilessly into my bag. It had been an okay morning so far and I did not want it ruined this early by Shannon. I zipped up my bag and shut my locker. I slumped down to the floor and hid my head in my shoulders. "Do you think the teacher would notice if I just didn't show up?" I asked.

"He might," Alex laughed shutting his own locker and sitting down next to me. "If he doesn't notice, Morgan definitely will and I don't think you want that." The hallways started filling up with people, classes were about to begin in ten minutes.

"I can tell her I got sick?" I suggested. Alex shook his head and pointed down the hallway. Morgan came walking toward us, biology book in hand. Damn it, I couldn't escape now.

"Hey guys, ready for class?" she asked throwing her bag down beside me. I grimaced, I was totally ready to go to class. I couldn't wait to get going and waste an hour and a half of my life in a class I couldn't stand. What could be more fun than that?

"Yeah, I guess, where's Matt?" I asked. He was in the class too, we could at least wait for him so we could all go together.

"He's downstairs," Morgan growled. "He's flirting with some freshman girls trying to convince them that he's the big man on campus."

I rolled my eyes, big surprise, Matt was going to be late for class because there was a skirt to chase. Figures. "Did you let him know that class was going to start soon?" I asked.

Morgan shrugged her shoulders, "No, he's a big boy he'll figure it out for himself. If the big bell that rings doesn't tip him off, he'll get a clue when he realizes he's all alone in the hallway," she folded her arms and glared at a random brick in the wall that probably did nothing to upset her. Morgan seemed to be a little off today. She seemed to be very irritated. She had the potential to become quite scary.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, just peachy. It's nothing, just chalk it up to PMS." Oh dear. Morgan PMSingā€¦ scary times were ahead of us. If we just proceeded with caution, nobody would get their heads bit off. "Come on, screw Matt, let's get to class," she picked up her bag and slung it across her back, storming up a flight of stairs, leaving frightened ninth graders in her wake. Alex and I exchanged a look as we got up and grabbed our bags. Today would have definitely been a good day to skip class. If being in the same room as Shannon didn't kill me, sitting next to an angry Morgan just might.

"Biology just got a whole lot scarier," Alex muttered as we dragged ourselves to the stairs as if walking to our own funerals.

I nodded solemnly, "Amen to that."

I swear, you could not cut the tension in that classroom with a chainsaw, it was so thick. Morgan was steaming in our little area of classroom, Matt was late, Alex was once again being uncomfortably pinned against a wall by Shannon and I was trying to ignore all of it. Morgan was muttering under her breath just about every obscenity known to man, Alex was begging Shannon to leave him alone and I was praying to God that I would survive this class.

I was almost relieved when the teacher brought out the overhead projector. At least I would have an excuse not to talk to Morgan, she hated being interrupted when she was taking notes. I pulled out my binder and pen and tried to write down everything I could. I had absolutely no idea what I was writing down, all I knew was that I wrote the words atom, ion, proton, electron and a lot of big words that I did not understand, an awful lot. As if it was not enough to not understand what was going on, the teacher also pulled off every overhead before I could finish. Now, if I ever did figure out whatever it was I was supposed to be understanding, I would be missing giant chunks here and there. Fantastic.

After about the third or fourth page and missing about a page and a half from those four pages, I gave up. I would get the notes from somebody else later. I glanced over Morgan's shoulder to see if she had the notes, careful not to talk to her as to avoid her wrath. I expected to see her neat, gigantic writing filling up the page, not angry doodles. There were explosions and stick figures and disfigured sticks, all being destroyed in the natural disaster that was Morgan's fury. I decided not to ask, I didn't fancy the idea of being a disfigured stick named Allison.

I glanced ahead at Alex who had managed to erect a wall around himself made of books and binders, protecting him from Shannon. He was frantically keeping up with the notes. I decided I would copy notes off of him, however, if I ever needed assistance planning a doomsday event, I would turn to Morgan in a heartbeat.

I sat back in my seat and listened to the teacher lecture. At least I could try to follow the explanation. Maybe then I could actually pass this stupid course. No such luck. Everything went in one ear and out the other. Atom this, ion that, blah, blah, blah. Science sucked.

There was a knock at the door and I raced to go answer it. I would have jumped at any opportunity to get me away from that desk. I opened the door to see Matt standing in the hall like a little kid afraid of getting in trouble. "No one told me class started," he sulked.

I rolled my eyes, "that's what the bell was supposed to tell you Matt."

"Yeah, well, Morgan could have told me when I saw her."

"I doubt it, she's in a pretty foul mood right now," I said glancing over my shoulder to see her furiously scribbling, tearing holes in her paper.

"She seemed fine earlier."

"Well, she sure isn't fine right now."

I stepped aside and Matt walked into the room and sat at his desk. The teacher shot a dirty look at him before making a note on his attendance sheet. I sighed and sadly walked back to my desk. Morgan was still in a drawing frenzy, I gave up trying to interpret whatever it was she was doodling. It was pretty much just a bunch of scribbles by that point as everything overlapped each other. Something was really bothering her. The good friend part of me really wanted to find out what was wrong and see if I could do anything to help. The coward side of me was petrified that she would bite my head off.

I let out another loud sigh. At least at my funeral they could say that I cared about my friends. "Hey Morgan, do you want to tell me what's really bothering you?"

She slammed her pen onto the desk and held her fingers to her temple, "Besides actually PMSing?" she asked.

"Yeah besides PMS," I laughed, at least she didn't lie to me when I asked her earlier.

"It's really nothing, it's just one of those days where every little thing feels like the end of the world," she said with a sigh. I could relate to days like that. "It's like, first I woke up late, I had no clean socks, my brother stole my laptop, it was all really stupid stuff. Then Matt was supposed to drive me to school this morning, and with no warning at all, he didn't show up. I had to literally run to school and then I saw him flirting with some little girl. That pushed me right over the edge. I don't care if you want to spend your morning flirting with a girl four years younger than you, but let me know in advance that our plans are cancelled. Seriously, it is so stupid but that just ruined my entire day. And now I wasted the entire class planning Matt's demise. I have no notes and I highly doubt that you have any."

"I decided to ignore that shot seeing as how Morgan was still upset. When she was feeling better I would get her back but for now I just had to let her do whatever made her happy. I would have really preferred it, however, if what made her happy wasn't ranting about how Matt was an inconsiderate jerk. That was something I already knew and I didn't need to be informed further.

An hour and a half can really feel like an eternity. It just goes on and on and on. Between the drones of atoms and ions, the wild raving of Morgan and the seemingly non-moving second hand on the clock, it could drive anyone insane. I guess on the bright side, I was so focused on not getting murdered by Morgan, I wasn't focusing on Shannon making moves on my best friend.