Eternal Flame
The girl you know is just a fake
A lonely pencil's one mistake
The cotton fills my head
Pick up the can, turn her blue
And she will cry out loud for you
It's what the skylight said

Perfectly made, she stands up tall
I shot the star and start to fall
And I coat my heart with ice
I'm locked inside this treasure chest
And left a map to guide your quest
From the owl's wise advice

The strobe lights caught me off guard
If only the tree bark wasn't that hard
Bur I can't burn candles in my room
So I'll sing so quietly
And try to tame the storming sea
And let the algae bloom

I hold this tiny egg-shaped flame
Nothing's changed, it's all the same
But it tells me it will always be mine
Nobody has the same fingerprint
The music notes taste of peppermint
My teddy bear tells me I'll be fine

If our fire should ever burn out
I'll just give your name a shout
And we can light it again
The world is hoping we'll re-unite
Together in the firelight
And we'll draft our life in pen