Strawberry Birthdays
Every day I get older still
I'm growing up against my will
I throw dust at the glass
Cover up my youthful face
Hiding out in outer space
While the time has come to pass

Purple covers keep me hot
Flower petals brush my cheeks
Haven't held daylight in weeks
I've stayed here in my spot
You bought my way into the dance
You must be my second chance

I put one foot behind the other
As I go forward to find my lover

The soles of these shoes are wearing thin
I'll find an orange safety pin
And steal colors from the paint
Pour the music over my soul
Tell them I've lost all control
I'm human, not a saint

If we're going forward then I won't look back
For fear I'll turn to salt
Is that the result
And angels pick up the slack
Take the shortcut to the street
In-the-lines romance, oh-so-sweet

Strawberry vines on which I live
Hellos are all I have to give