Staggering—that was the word she used to describe it. It being the feeling she got when she first saw him. Staggering, there was no way to put enough emphasis on the word, it was almost as if that word were created specifically for the moment she laid eyes on him. The normally poised, charismatic, intelligent, bright, funny, charming brunette suddenly found herself at a loss for words, completely lacking any intelligent thought, unable to do anything but blush profusely and walk like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. It was painful to watch how awkwardly she carried herself in those—well in those first couple of weeks really, but specifically those first few seconds.

The sticky air, suffocating heat, and the way that everyone's clothes clung to their bodies in a manner in which no one ever felt clean, were the telltale signs that it was summer in Colorado. Despite the lack of humidity, the upwards of 90 temperature was difficult to bear. The State Capitol Building had been designed with this season in mind; the stone was so thick that it never got above a certain temperature. This had led the state government to believe that air conditioning was not really necessary, and college interns were left to their own devices: namely small fans that merely sucked the hot air from outside and blew it into the little offices. Kate Fitzgerald was home for the summer and working for State Senator Paul Johnson. Her job consisted mainly of writing letters to the constituents, answering the phone calls from constituents, sorting through the mail, touring the children who came to visit with their social studies class, taking notes when committee meetings overlapped, and of course, the thrice daily coffee runs. The pencil skirt-blouse-jacket-heels-combo was really impractical for this type of work and this type of weather.

This morning, like every morning, she'd already thrown off the jacket and started fanning herself with one of the briefings the moment she walked in. The elevators, funnily enough only went to the second floor so she had to climb up the stairs which made for nicer legs on all the female interns, something she was sure the male architect had had in mind, however, it just made her hotter and winded by the time she reached Senator Johnson's office. She had to stop in his committee meeting to drop off his 9am coffee. Senator Johnson arrived at the office at 5 am—6 at the latest. He was not planning on running for reelection, the stress of the job was too much—and he was term limited. He started out his day in the other office, the law office he was a partner at, then he came to the State Capitol by 8 am and at 9, when Kate showed up, he was ready for a second cup of coffee.

Kate dropped down in front of her tiny desk; pushed up almost at an angle against the wall. Stacks of papers threatened on to topple over on all four sides of the desk, while the phone's red light flashed wildly. She slipped off her stilettos—stilettos she wouldn't bother wearing except that Megan—the college graduate—was always prancing around on stilettos. She was already 5'8 it was completely unnecessary to exaggerate her body's model-esque tendency. In any case, Kate felt obligated to wear stilettos to compete, except that of course she didn't. Megan is tall, did five (I kid you not, five) hours of exercise every day, which includes but is not limited to running, spinning, and of course bikram yoga. What's the difference between spinning and biking anyways? Megan insisted she both biked and spun. Aside from her leggy, super athletic build, Megan was also gorgeous, she had full lips, a Julia Roberts like smile, bright blue eyes, and eyelashes that nearly touched her perfectly tweezed eyebrows even when Megan's eyes were closed. Her honey colored hair was always perfectly shiny and straight and fell beyond her shoulders in a way that Kate's never did.

Kate pressed play on the answering machine. "You. Have. 82. New. Messages." The robotic voice chimed. Kate opened up her ginormous binder and started checking yes/no on the call sheet for the different bills as constituents called to tell Senator Johnson how they would like him to vote. In between constituents, his legal aides called and Kate wrote their messages on sticky notes for Senator Johnson.

"Hi Kate, it's Libby sweetheart," Senator Johnson's wife's voice called to her from the machine. Kate simply adored the woman, "I'm calling because I'm sure Paul forgot to tell you that he hired, or well a law student is going to start working with you in the office. He's from Boston College and he's in need of an internship so he's working part time in the law office and part time in the senate with you. Anyways, he's supposed to start tomorrow, so I guess, your today. I told him—Logan—you'd meet him on the first floor at the main staircase at 9:15. Paul said you got there at nine, but I wanted to give you some time to settle in. Okay sweetie, call if you have any questions. Bye sweetie. Oh by the way—he's cute!" the machine beeped and the next message started. Kate looked at the clock: 9:25, grrrrreat. She threw her shoes on and debated grabbing her jacket before making a pffft sound and taking off down the stairs. Oh and by the way—he's cute! rang in her head as her heels made everyone acutely aware that she was coming. Thank God Kate was wearing a pretty cute outfit she thought to herself, smoothing out her white v-neck button up. She fiddled with her hair as she waited for the elevator, unlike Megan's, Kate's was a darker chocolate colored with only the faintest hint of lighter highlights. Also unlike Megan's, Kate mostly just threw it in a bun and later let it fall in soft, but not salon, curls down below her shoulders.

.god. It was like having the wind knocked out of her. Logan stood up from the bench when he saw her. He smiled widely; honest to God, the single most disarming smile Kate had ever been privileged to receive. It was like an upside down and right side up smile all at once, and he had dimples, and did I mention that his left eyebrow went up along with the corners of his mouth. Kate couldn't manage very much more than widening her eyes.

"Logan?" she finally managed.

"Yeah, hi, lovely to meet you," he said, Kate would have responded but she was too occupied by the sound of his voice, it was melodic. She finally did respond, when his eyebrows rose as if to ask her her name.

"Yeah, yeah, lovely…" she trailed off…still shaking his hand, "lovely…I'm Kath-Kay-Katie-Kat-Kate," she stuttered. It took all of her self-control not to look up at the dome ceiling and beg God to put her out of her misery. "Kate Fitzgerald," she managed, regaining a fraction of her dignity. If not for her stuttering, she might have been able to blame her reddened face on the hot weather, but as it were, it was clear that too was the fault of Logan, who was smirking. As they rode on the elevator and Kate prattled on about the job and the Senator and the Senator's wife, she stared intently at the crack of the doors; she didn't dare meet his devastatingly beautiful forest-colored eyes nor indulge her desire to trace his chiseled face…his nose…his strong jaw line…

"There's no third floor to the elevator so we have to take the stairs," she said quickly; she noticed that she said there was no third floor to the elevator, but decided she was just going to let it go. Logan smirked more widely as he followed her up the stairs. "This is our little hole in the wall," she said motioning in to the box-sized office in which the floor was only visible in certain areas, like around the chairs where the papers had been moved around to allow the back and fourth of the chair. "Senator Johnson is in committee meeting right now, but he'll be around around eleven or so." Around around? She mentally chastised herself. "Um, you probably need a badge, I'll take you down to Yvonne, she deals with interns…" The two walked down the flight of stairs they had just walked up and Kate introduced him to Yvonne, who unfortunately introduced him to Megan. Funnily enough, Megan volunteered to give Logan a tour of the building. Kate could have kicked herself for not offering to do so earlier so that she could tell Megan that she would be giving him the tour, instead she just rolled her eyes while Megan practically devoured Logan with her beautiful eyes. Instead Logan was dragged off to an office with Megan and Yvonne to fill out paperwork while Kate was banished to Senator Johnson's office to check off the call sheet.

Rather than get straight to work, Kate called her two best friends, who ironically didn't know each other. Lauren didn't answer; but Brooke did, and she shared in her enthusiasm about the new office candy.

"Finally! Justice!" Brooke squealed on the other end. "You've been working with Ted Kennedys and now," she paused for effect, "MAN CANDY." The two girls laughed. "What does he look like?"

"He's staggering."