Listening to: Big Shot by Billy Joel

Well, I've noticed that pillowbooks are all the rage, so I thought I may as well.

I guess I should start with a little bit about me. I was going to go into 8th grade, but then I was given the option to skip a grade. After two days, I decided I didn't want to graduate ahead of my friends, so we called the school, but they'd already given my spot in 8th grade away.

Gotta love the school system.

So, I'm about to start high school. Joy.

Um, let's seeā€¦ What else? Oh, I go to a school where I go to an actual school two days a week and the rest is online. That can be fun sometimes. It means more writing and reading time for me.

I've got an annoying little sister, as many of you probably do. She enjoys sitting in my room when I'm writing and humming.

Welcome to my life.