By Mike Varraso

I thought that I had forgotten,

That I was over it.

But just last night, I had a dream

And everything came screaming back.

You haunt my dreams,

Taunting me with your smile,

It was years ago, in a world far different,

That I last glimpsed your golden hair.

Your smile could've launched a thousand ships.

The icebox,

Where we sat and talked for hours,

where we shared our stories

The Movies,

us alone, no one to disturb us, and still

I didn't move.

Tortured just like I was then,

Plagued by questions of what if?

What if I tell you how I feel,

And you don't feel the same?

What if you felt the same way about me,

And I missed my chance?

Everyone could tell,

How I felt about you,

Everyone but you,

Or could you?

Did you just not tell me?

Because you didn't want to tell

Me that it would never work?

That you didn't feel the same?

Were you waiting

For me to make the first move?

Are you plagued with questions of what if?

Like I am

Do your dreams haunt you?

I will never know,

If you felt the same for me,

Or if you were just a friend.

I tried to tell myself we would meet again

But I knew it to be just a hope,

An empty dream.

All that is left of you is regret.