Choices, we are all given them.

Be careful what you say,

If you spin a lie,

And hide the truth,

If you are comfortable in the shadows

Of deceit and doubt.

Eventually a strand will pull loose,

And the web will come crashing down.

But to those who speak only the truth

And live in an honorable way

Is it truly good

To tell the truth

Does it spare people pain?

My head is spinning,

Out of control,

I don't know what to write,

My head can't keep up with

The troubles of my world

It seemed solid,

But it was made of glass,

All it took was one stone,

And everything has come crashing down.

My world is crumbling,

And I don't know what to do.

I was so sheltered from the rain,

From darkness.

Should I be thankful for

The stone which has exposed

Me, or for the walls

Which have protected me?

Choices, we are all given them.

From the moment we are born,

We are bombarded by them.

But are they truly ours,

When everyone tells us,

What we should do?