I guess this is a poem but I'm not sure. Tell me if it's not, then I'll take it off. Read and review.

What is a friend?

A friend is one who

Is always there.

One who never sees fault

One who never sees wrong

One who never seeks revenge

One who never asks other wise

One who simply stands by you

No matter what

They'll be there when you fall

They'll be there when you stand up again

They'll be the one to pull you

They know you

They know what you hate

They know what you like

They know who you know

They know who you ignore

They know how to pull up your spirit

They know what could tear you down

Your friends are there but when they aren't

They try to be

They try to be close

They try to be there

I ask you is there anything more

Anything more than those

I've said

Now tell me

What is a friend?

What do you need to be a friend?

You need to simply be a friend

To be there

To be careful with your words

To be caring

To be there

That is all

And I am done

So after this

You'll wonder why

I wrote this

If you look real closely

You'll see

I won't tell you

You can simply guess