Her feathery hands found places I had never been aware of before. Like the sun in the tropics, my cheeks glowed as she leaned into me and touched her lips to my forehead. Shivers bolted down my body when her fingertips skimmed against my side as if the movement were a mere afterthought and nothing more. A giggle—or was it a snicker?—sounded, and when her palm slid across the two tender hills and down into the valley, the song caught in my throat flew out.

She murmured darling rapture into my ear, turning the night into melted gold. I closed my eyes, shaking as her chestnut locked brushed against my bare chest and gasping for air when she discovered the rain within me. She was met with no resistance. Once, then twice, then thrice, and I flooded the room with passion.

When I was awake, she was gone. The other side of the bed was still warm.