You smell bad. And you're dirty. You hair is all ratty. My mom brushes mine. You should make you mom brush yours.

I decided I was going to be your friend. I'm a nice person and can get over the smell.

But I really don't understand why you smell. If you showered, or took a bath, you'd be clean.

Wouldn't that be better? Feel more nice? I always feel better clean.

I took you over to my house. We played with my dolls.

I told you when my mom got home she'd probably make you take a bath.

You got excited by that. Which was really weird.

Baths and showers are boring. But you did really need one.

When my mom got home she acted, odd.

When she first walked in the house she yelled at me for making a mess. She said the house stank. Well yeah. You didn't smell good. And you'd been in the house.

When she saw you she stopped talking. I told her you were my friend.

She let you shower. You had dinner with us. She even washed your clothes for you and let you spend the night.

The next day at school everyone was shocked that you didn't stink. I did that.

But when I got home from school, my mom was mad at me. She yelled at me. She asked me why I brought a homeless person home with me.

I didn't really know what that meant. How could you not have a home? I thought everybody had one.

You got me in trouble. Being your friend made my mom mad and she yelled at me. I didn't want to be your friend anymore.

And you started getting dirty again. And started to smell. And I decided I didn't want to smell.

So we aren't going to be friends anymore.

Because your dirty, and you smell.

And you made my mom mad and yell at me.

And good real friends don't do that.