Shut Up! …Make Me.

My best friend Michael told me to shut up…Being the person I am, I replied haughtily, "Make me." What happened after that was the weirdest thing ever.

The day started off like normal, getting ready for that prison called school, long ride there stuck with my little brother; us fighting the whole time. It was entirely normal. School went by slowly; I was practically dragging myself to each class. At lunch I was zoned out…as usual, iPod earphones in, blaring some band I couldn't remember the name out. Then the day ended with me walking to my best friend Michael's car.

That was my life, day in and day out. I tapped my foot impatiently waiting for Michael. He was always late. Couldn't he understand that we needed to get to the show early? I had to get a spot at the rail so I could see my favorite band, Escape the Fate!

A hand dropped onto my shoulder and I yelped. "Boo," Michael said.

I learned against his car and drew in a deep breath. "Michael! Don't do that!"

He smirked and unlocked the car, strolling to his side of it. "Do what?"

I flopped into the car, pulling my feet up onto the seat. "Why are you so mean to me?"

"Love, Ashley. It's love."

I scoffed and Michael started his car…I didn't know what type, just that it was loud and fat. We took off toward the local venue, armed with our line jump passes. It was quite funny really to see the looks on people's faces as we walked up by them to get into the venue.

When we got in there I went ahead toward the band stands and bought a t-shirt before the crowds would flood it. Dragging a protesting Michael off toward the stage I planted myself directly in front of the mic.

Michael was shaking his head sadly as he said, "You're pitiful!"

"Why is that?"

Michael took his place beside me behind the bars. "You have a hopeless crush on the new lead guy, Craig."

"He's hot, I won't deny that, but his vocals are amazing. They got a good replacement for Ronnie."

Michael bumped my shoulder and laughed as hundreds of people piled in behind us. "Ready for this?"

I let out a cheer. "Let's get this concert started!"

The familiar sound of drums and guitars greet my ears. The lights dimmed and flood lights hit the stage as Escape the Fate walked out.

Two hours later, Michael and I walked out all sweaty, disoriented, and barely able to hear. Falling into Michael's car wearily I let out a holler. "Whoot! That was awesome!"

As I rambled on about the show Michael finally said to me, "Shut up."

Shooting him a glare I replied haughtily, "…Make me."

Reaching a stop light Michael pulled me to him and gave me a rough, long kiss that left both of us breathless when it was over. "Will you shut up now?"

I nodded slowly and looked out the window. "Yep."

We rode on in silence until we go to my house. Michael said, "Um…we're here, and uh…I really want to ask you something."

Learning over the seat I gave Michael a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Hopping out of the car I said, "Come over tomorrow since it will be Saturday. For now though, just shut up."

Walking into my house I heard Michael's last two words before he drove off. "Make me."

Oh boy, tomorrow was going to be fun…