She finally shifted.

Lia stared at her, thoughts racing through her head. This is a dream, a nightmare. I've dreamt this before, this same thing for the last month. Why can't I wake up?

She pinched herself, then rubbed her hand against the pain she thought she felt. Grabbing the water close by, she emptied the bottle on her head, only to feel drenched.

Stupid, stupid too-vivid dreams.

The little girl stood up, walked backwards to the cliff. She was so small, built like a porcelain doll or some other child play-thing.

Wake up, wake up, wake up now. I can't move. I have to move, I have to hold her, keep her from leaping. I have to- She struggled against invisible bonds, dream bonds. Why can't I move still?

The girl jumped.

There was a horrible scream, and as if by black magic, she was now flying, soaring higher and higher. Her mouth was open, but the sound didn't seem to come from her.

This has already happened before, many times. Why don't I know the source of the scream?

Something bumped into Lia, and she twisted around, finally free from the spell that held her down.

The little girl was now speaking a foreign language. She wanted to understand, needed to comprehend what this girl was trying to tell her, but couldn't.

There was one last piercing scream. Something shone, blinding. Then she was gone.

Gone forever