This is MINE, it belongs to me, so don't you dare try to steal it.

I don't know much about this life

But I know it will never change

I live life the way I see it

But to all others I'm strange.


A whisper in the wind

A cry in the dark

Just a mysterious child

Passing through a world that is so stark*


Don't look my way

I'm just passing through

Don't ask me where I'm heading

For I have no clue


Small and alone

Emotionless with shame

The beginning's like the end.

Different, but always the same.


Things could have been different

But now it's too late

I've been fading away for awhile now

Some could say that this was my fate.


You try and find a word that rhymes better with "dark". "And then I forgot where to park." That really works with the poem.