hey ya'll. sorry i havent written anything lately. i had major writers block. but... im back! so i hope you enjoy this next story. this is just the character page and summary. so please read through it and review telling me your thoughts on it. thank you very much :) happy reading!



Age: 16

Appearance: skinny, but soft at the same time, carmel brown straight hair just past her shoulders, dark green eyes, short

Hobbies: running, yearbook and school newspaper staff

Other: just moved to St. Louis from Chicago with her older brother, Aaron, and her dad. Becomes friends with Cami. Has a crush on Aaron's friend, Ethan, never really fit in at school


Age: 17

Appearance: somewhat muscular, blonde shaved hair, brown eyes, average height

Hobbies: plays hockey on the school team

Other: moved to St. Louis with his sister and dad, joins the school hockey team and meets Ethan


Age: 17

Appearance: somewhat muscular, dark brown shag "skater-type" hair, brown eyes, a little taller than average

Hobbies: plays hockey with Aaron, running

Other: meets Aaron at hockey practice and becomes friends with him, has a secret crush on Amara



Appearance: bleach blonde pixie cut hair, bright blue eyes, average height

Hobbies: Junior Class President, Head Editor for the school paper and yearbook, convinces Amara to join the newspaper staff after she befriends her, very outgoing and smart, knows everything about everyone


When Amara's parents get a divorce, her world is turned upside down. Now, she, her older brother, Aaron, and her dad are packing up and moving from Chicago, the place Amara's lived her whole life, to St. Louis. When she arrives, she realizes its a whole lot different from her old home. Her brother befriends a hockey player, Ethan, and she thinks he's God's gift to the world. But she's too shy to do anything about it. Could Amara's new friend, Cami, be of any help? Will Ethan ever like her back? Only one way to find out :)