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Monster: A Haunting

Part One: Something

August 29th, 2009



It's eerie to see something,

hear something, read something,

so new and strange, that no words truly explain.


It's funny to like something,

So silly, so really simple,

So true in disgust, with no actual piece plain.


It's odd how you hear something,

A new something; reminiscent of strange,

Odd how you fear something, before there is pain.


And have you ever noticed,

That something, a new something,

Holed up in the corner, all set up estranged.


It's clear there is something,

A being, a creature, so secretive,

We know, a monster, put right in our way.


It's true, that you know something,

Is it a new something, crude something,

Or a truth, something you're hiding away?


You lie, and we know,

There's something, hidden away,

A creak and a tap, but still, it still stays.


A glance and a mutter,

How endless this guessing game,

Before it wakes, how long will you choose to play?


It really is something,

A cruel something, a striking thing,

When enemies are friends, in terror and death.