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A/N: It's been a while since I've written a story here so I decided to start one this one. This is a more mature type of Romance/Horror and I've worked a long time on this one and I've been typing it as I was typing other stories and posting them. I decided that if I were going to post another story that it would be finished as far as typing and writing went before I started on another work and here is the labor of my efforts. Obviously this work is completed or close to it or I wouldn't be posting it. I thought that someone out there would like a shounen-ai that's not so cliche' or even all that normal, so I decided to work from an original idea that I came up with last year.

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Title: Romancing Lucifer

Author: Melissa Norvell

Rating: T possibly M

WARNINGS: Death, Violence, Angst, Language, Dark Themes, SLASH/Yaoi/Shounen-ai- of you can't stand the thought of homosexuality, I suggest you turn back now, Satanism is present as well as the Occult because, of course, this is about Lucifer.

Pairings: Homosexual and Heterosexual pairings

Genre: Angst/Psychological/Romance/Verges on Horror/Occult/Fantasy/Mythical

Summary: MXM FXM (slight) No human expects to get involved with Lucifer...let alone fall in love with him.


Romancing Lucifer

By: Melissa Norvell



Lucifer is a name that is frequently given to Satan in Christian belief. The word Lucifer means "Light Bringer" and is the name of the Morning Star or more appropriately, the planet Venus. In a later passage of the Bible, the name 'Morning Star' is also given to the tyrannous Babylonian King, who a prophet says is destined to fall.

Another name applied to Lucifer is Satan or Sataniel and was said to be one of the archangels. Because Satan wanted to 'make his throne higher than the clouds over the earth and resemble his power on high', he was hurled down with his hosts of angels, and since then he has been flying in the air continually above the abyss.

Mythical Persian representation of Lucifer is the most loyal lover of God. God created the angels and he commanded them to pay worship to no one but him, but after he created man, he commanded them to bow in reverence to his greatest creation, but Lucifer refused- they say because of his pride. However, according to the Muslim reading of his case, it was because he adored and loved God so deeply and intensely that he could not bring himself to bow before anything else that was less superior to him than he was thrown into hell, apart from his love.

In the Quran, Lucifer played a tragic and jealous lover who, unable to perceive the Divine Image in Adam and capable of only seeing the exterior, disobeyed the Divine Mandate to bow down. His refusal was due to a misconceived idea of God's uniqueness, and because of his refusal to abandon himself to God in love. The Sefi Muslim teacher taught that Luciferian Light is Light which has become dislocated from the divine source and is thus associated with the seductive and false light of the lower ego, which lures human kind into self-centered delusion. Liberal Christian Scholars often deny the existence of a being called 'Satan' and argue that Satan itself means adversary or accuser, which may be a personification.

Some believe that Lucifer wanted to take over the thrones or status of the Gods Jupiter and Saturn, and as a result, Lucifer was cast to hell.

In the occult, Lucifer's identification as the Morning Star equates him with Lumiel who was the archangel of Light among the Satanists; he is the torch of Baphomet and Azazel. In Christian sotericology it is stated that it is Lucifer's destiny to incarnate in human form at certain key times in world history, as a savior and redeemer of humanity. A symbol for this process is the Tudor Rose. It is red, representing Lucifer or white, representing Lilith.

In the Satanic Bible of 1969, Lucifer is acknowledged as one of the Four Crowned Princes of Hell. He is called the Eastern Lord of the Air.

A boy with tanned skin and shoulder-length, black hair stopped writing his essay and gazed at the paper with concentrated eyes, scanning carefully over his paper to check it for any last minute mistakes before printing out his final draft.

'Out of all of the angels, they give me Lucifer. I guess someone had to get him, even though I really would have rather done an essay on Uriel. Oh well, I can't complain. At least I got it done so I can finally get some sleep for school tomorrow. It's nearly two o' clock on the morning.'

The young man, who looked about seventeen in age, glanced at his clock to see the lime green of the numbers which clearly stated that it was 1:57 am and then clicked the 'print' button on his computer and listened as the electronic noises of the computer filled his senses.

He grabbed the finished product from the machine and walked off down the hall to climb into bed for the night.

Little did he know, the report that he had completed that very night would actually come in handy in more ways than he ever could imagine.

...To Be Continued...

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