Queen of G by Disneyluver

Summary: This is a parody of the song "King of New York" from the movie Newsies. It stars me (whose lines are in bold) , my three Freudian ego states (readers who have taken psychology know what I'm talking about): ego aka the reality principle, superego which is the morality principle and id aka the fun principle, (whose lines are all in italics, and handful of G students (whose names have been changed to protect their privacy) See, in April 2006 (when I was still at G) I wrote an article about Project Moving Ahead for the local college's weekly newspaper and my article made it on the front page. This made my head swell up a bit

Louise, Phil, Naomi, Nicky, Jasmine, Colin, Ingrid, Rachel, Gail, Casey: A BIT? IT TOOK FOREVER TO GET YOUR HEAD TO DEFLATE!

(Disneyluver ignores them and continues her rambling)

so this spoof is kind of how I was feeling that week when it appeared. Needless to say, my friends got pretty sick of hearing about it

G students (groans): oh great, here we go again

Please read and review. Oh yeah, if you are a red sox or yankee fan, please don't shoot me.

Disneyluver: a pair of new notebooks

Superego: gotta ignore them dirty looks

G: students: Grrrrrrrrrrr

Ego: free muffins at the G cafe!

Id: I just gotta get it out an' say. Look at me

I'm the queen of G

Suddenly I'm respectable

Colin: We're gonna pound ya

Chloe: she's evil! (kisses Phillip)

Disneyluver: ignoring all that muckety-muck

soon I'll be talkin' with all higher-ups

Jasmine : oh, great her head's swelling up

Ingrid: Any one here know how to deflate it?

Id: And there's my name! Ain't it pretty?

Superego & Id: Don't you see?

I'm the queen of G

Ego: a free seat on the G bus line

Superego: Now things are lookin' better than fine

Id: CDs that cost a quarter

Ego: new desk for the star reporter

Ego, Superego, Id: Tip your hats

She's the queen of G

Naomi: no way jose!

Disneyluver: How 'bout that!

I'm the queen of G

Gail: Great, now she's not gonna shut up about it

Phil: any one have a mallet with them?

Ego, Superego, Id: in No time flat

People'll be reading from

New York to Texas

Our gal 'Lexis

Id: Makin' a headline out of a hunch

Disneyluver: still annoying people

Sadie: You'll be dead before lunch

Superego: How bout that? stirin' up the usual lull

Ego: making G not so dull

Lee: oh, no, she's starting to babble

Superego: she's the queen of G

Disneyluver: Don't cha know? I'm the queen of G

Ego, Superego, Id, disneyluver: must be dead or still a-dreamin'

Look at that article with my name a-screamin'

Oh, sure by tomorrow they'll smack me with it

G students (grin evily): YES! Thanks for the idea (they smack disneyluver and her ego states, which they don't see, with rolled up newspapers but Disneyluver and her ego states keep on rambling)

Ego: But I was a star for one whole minute

Ego, Superego, Id, disneyluver: Right now

I'm the queen of G

Disneyluver: Don't ya know?

I'm the queen of G

Ego, Superego, Id, Disneyluver: Holy crud

It's true

Pulitzer's a-cryin'

We ain't lyin'

Cameras are flashin' bright as the sun

She's one smart son-of-a-gun

Don't ask us how

Inspiration met me

Fate just crowned me

Now I'm the queen of G

Look at me

Once a dreamer

Now a published writer

I'm the queen of G


Front-page story

Now you see

I'm the queen of G!


Disneyluver (duck to avoid blows to the head): come guys, it's not THAT painfull!


Id: it's not like we wrote a loong front page report about how the Vikings er Cowboys er stankees are current creaming the tar out of the red shoes er uh I mean red socks

(All G baseball fans glare angrily)

Disneyluver, Id, superego and ego: YIPES! ( the baseball fans pelt her and her ego states with baseballs and baseball bats) OW! OW! OW!

(All the G students run after her as the throwing continues)

G students: for your last meal, we're gonna make you eat those words!