It's a project. A project I am working on. It's a vampire story, and it kind of violates a lot of 'rules' set down by traditional vampire stories. I'm aware of this, and I would appreciate it if people would not gripe on me for breaking the 'rules'. Any other criticism is acceptable, and encouraged. This is a learning experience.

Thank you everyone, and enjoy!


The earliest memory I can recall is an image of the moon. A gloriously luminous sliver of a shattered pearl, nestled gently into a bed of luxuriously black velvet that had been inlaid with a million miniscule diamonds. I must have been rather young, because I knew someone was holding me in their arms, bundled in a thin blanket. I remember reaching up one small arm, and outstretching slender fingers towards the moon. I remember the harsh contrast between the gentle blackness of the sky and the ivory of my skin, just as bright and pale as the moon itself.

And, even clearer than the image of my alabaster hand, the shimmering moon, and the endless twinkling stars, was what I could hear. A woman's voice sung softly to me, a voice I knew could not belong to my mother. And then a hand curling delicately around my own, feminine and slim. And as I looked at the image of my tiny hand, settled so neatly into her palm, I knew there was a world of differences between us. She was so warm and soft, so vital and alive. So unlike me.

I was cold and stony, with the look and feel of a porcelain doll. Or, perhaps, not a doll at all. Perhaps I more closely resembled the stilled corpse of a dead child. I had been born this way, silent and unmoving. From the moment I had entered this world, my little heart had been eternally still. And yet my silver eyes could gaze up at this beautiful sky, reflecting the glitter of the stars, and my fingers could still stretch towards the moon, or grip to the hand of this woman…

I felt the gentle drum of her heart within her chest, and the stir of her breath in my hair.

This human woman…

The earliest memory I can recall is the moment I realized what I was.