Please, don't take it so seriously, but then again…

-There are no men in the fanfic world, or at least that's what it seems: Just go ahead, take a look, and count how many boys and how many girls are in this site (Yeah, I'm a dude, but then again, I'm "special")

-There are lots of fandom, but somehow, the 90% of the fanfics are divided among: Twlight, Naruto and Harry Potter (The other 10% are crossovers among Twilight, Naruto and Harry Potter)

-There's nothing wrong with that, but…It's just me or fans want to become straight characters to gays ones, and gay characters into straight ones?

-Don't you…hate…these…writers…that…abuse of…the…pauses…just to…make their texts…more…dramatic?

-"Tokyo, 2050: The world is about to enter to the World War III"…I just described, with that sentence, about half of the sci-fi stories around here…

-So you think you can write fantasy stories? Just add "Chronicles of" to your title, and you'll be fine.

-What about the damn authors inserting their opinions in the middle of (VOTE FOR RON PAUL!) the text?

-"Sarah is a normal teenager, until one day she discover X device"…I just described about half of the shojo/romance stories around here with the last sentence.

-And what's the deal with authors asking for reviews every 3 sentences?

-And by the way…PLEASE SEND REVIEWS!

-I don't know why, I'm not really sure, but most of the erotic stories are written by people less likely to have sex…EVER

-And now we're touching the subject, if you dare to read erotic fanfics, you'll need

one indispensable thing: A strong stomach.

-Something that really bothers me is when I actually found an interesting, intelligent and creative story…With no end! How I hate the people who never end what they starte…

-Please send reviews

-What about fanfics devoted to the bad guy? Yeah, he kidnapped the hero's girlfriend, destroyed a planet and/or killed thousand of innocents…but he is SO KAWAII!

-And about Japanese words: I don't understand why people keep using Japanese words with perfectly understandable English translations, and by the way: Real Japanese speakers found that as annoying as confusing "Japanese" with "Chinese"

-If you want to describe a realistic story that takes place in the past, just check the facts and do the research: I'm not an expert, but I'm sure Hip Hop and i-Pod didn't exist in the Arthurian times…

-Please send reviews

-But what I truly hate are people ranting and bitching around about fanfic world…GOD, HOW I HATE THEM!

-Did I mention I need reviews?