Sudden Curiosity

I walk in, and there he is

Sitting in his usual seat, 1st row 4th seat back

I glance at him quickly taking him in

The usual grey hoodie covering his face and the black skinny jeans

'He's such a typical emo kid'

I think to myself as I walk past him to my usual seat

So why is it that I keep staring at him?

Why do I find him so interesting if he's so typical?

I get to my usual seat and slide into the desk

Last row, last desk

You never get called on if you're in that seat

And no one bothers you

So I'm free to stare out the window and wait for the bell to ring

And the teacher to start droning on and on

About something I couldn't care less about


But today, instead of staring out the window

I glance over at Him

He looks as if he's paying attention, but from back here I can see the iPod in his pocket and the headphones

That he has cleverly hidden beneath his hoodie

And all I can think is 'How can he even fit his iPod in the pocket of those jeans? They are really tight.'

Lame I know

But still, I keep glancing at him

And eventually I'm full on staring at him

And I'm wondering all these things about him

'What is he listening to on his iPod?

How does the teacher never notice that he's not paying attention?

Is he failing this class as badly as I am?'

And then of course, because I'm staring at him and when you stare at someone they are bound to notice eventually,

He looks at me

And for a second our eyes lock onto each other

His pale blue, almost grey eyes don't seem cold or sad like I expected them to

Instead they are warm and I can see a hint of amusement as he realizes that I've been staring at him

And then its not a subtle hint anymore when I realize this and start blushing furiously because now he's full on smirking at me

And yet, for some strange reason, I can't look away.

I keep staring at him with my curious brown eyes and he keeps staring at me with that warmth and amusement.

And now I really want to know how the teacher doesn't notice he isn't paying attention seeing as how he's turned around in his seat looking at me.

But it doesn't matter

Because the bell rings and our eyes break away from each other

And as we get up to gather our things and move to our next class

We glance at each other again

And he nods and smiles at me

And I give him a small smile back

And then we both leave the classroom

The next day

I don't look at him once

And I don't feel his gaze on me at all

So I guess it was a one time thing

Sudden curiosity all of a sudden just gone

I don't care that he's wearing stereotypical emo clothes

And he doesn't care that I'm just some random girl

I go back to staring out the window

And he goes back to listening to his iPod carefully hidden under his hoodie

And the days go on, as if the pattern was never interrupted to begin with