Crimson Bullets

I don't know what to do. I just hate my life. My heart is carrying a huge burden. Ever since, my boyfriend, Alex, left me, my life has been a living Hell. I just want to forget. I just want to be stone and just forget everything about my life. I don't want to speak any words. I don't want to be anyone. If Alex couldn't have me, then no one else can. I am going to cut my lifeline.

I search in the old, pink-painted drawer that my only true love made me. God, why did he leave me? I pull out a handgun that my boyfriend used when he was in the FBI. The handgun should make a quick death. I load the handgun up with the silver bullets and cock it. The gun is ready for its job. Please, make this quick and painless as possible.

I point the gun to my temple with my finger on the trigger. I'm going to do it. I'm going to do this. Goodbye, world. Forever. I am going to leave this selfish world. I will end my life and fall into a dreamless sleep for eternity. At least, I will not be depress anymore. At least I will forget everything once I pull the trigger. Just one shot.

Just as my finger is about to send the bullet flying through my skull, I hear a door slam and the death of glass. I glance over and see my twelve years old cousin, Toni, with groceries in her hands. I see my flowery vase dead on my hard, marble tiled floor. Oh well, I don't need that vase where I am going.

"What the hell are you doing, Violet?!" She screams out.

"I thought I told you to go to your room after getting the groceries!" I snap.

"Give me that gun!"


"We can work this out."

"No, I know what I am doing! This is my choice. Goodbye, Toni!"


Bang! Bang! Bang!

I hear the bullets ringing in my ears. But am I dead? I don't feel any pain. I don't feel any blood running down from my wounds. I'm not sure if I am in heaven or Hell. Am I dead?"

I adjust my eyesight. I am still in my mansion. So, does that mean I am still alive. Of course it means I am still alive. I still feel the heart pounding in my chest. I still feel my lungs breathing. But I shot myself…..right?

I glance down and gasp. Toni is on the floor with a red pool drowning my white floor. Her green eyes are lifeless, and she looks withered away like a rare blue rose dying.

"NO!!!!!!!!!" I scream on the top of my lungs. "TONI! TONI! OH GOD, DON'T TAKE AWAY MY COUSIN! SHE'S TOO YOUNG!"

I cradle my little cousin in my arms as her one hundred dollars customized jeans and one hundred dollar white tee is drench in her blood. Tears pour all over my cousin as I scream and scream in morn.


But no matter how much I pleaded, destiny will never change. My stupid selfishness had cause a young life of a wonderful, innocent girl. Now, I don't care about ending my life. I just want my little cousin back in my arms. Screw, Alex! I just want her back now.

I cry and cry as the crimson bullets that took away her life, stare at me. Mock at me. I throw the gun out of the way. I scream and scream like a fussy first grader. I want her back. I want her back.

I see the red and blue lights shining through the windows of my mansion. But I don't care what happens to me now. I just want her back. I just want her back in my arms. Why does fate have to be so fucking cruel?!

I have killed my only family. I have killed my only roommate. And most of all I have killed my best friend in the whole wide world. All because of one stupid mistake and one stupid, selfish girl. My beautiful cousin, Toni, is gone forever, because of the crimson bullets that were suppose to take away my life…..but it took hers instead.