Day 25th of the Red Moon, year 3 After Destruction:

I yearn for home.

It rains terribly. It comes down in all direction; trying to beat the Blue Mountains to a muddy sludge. From my rock crevice, I can see rivers of mountain flesh starting to run down one part of the mountain ridge. They seem to only stop as another river forms somewhere else. I felt very grateful to no longer find myself wandering alongside the fresh streams and creeks of my former home in the mountain. Now I shield myself from the nature war at its strong base. Though, my faith in my safety was shaken as a river thundered violently down my own mountain, and landed uncomfortably close to my cave. All in all, I think it best that I did make the hard journey down the mountain face. These times are the worst for my heart. It contorts and aches while the pit of my stomach echoes hollow with loneness—all for my family (and some fear for my life). I will be with them soon, and I say this out loud repeatedly. They have made a home for my in the Valley of Many Colors. All I must do is battle my way there, even as I am surrounded by this black, thick night with its cruel flashes of white light. Maybe I should try to rest now, and build some strength, but I don't know if I will be able to. Goodnight, anyway.