Day 27th of the Red Moon, year 3 After Destruction:

I can't believe it!

Yes! I really can't believe my eyes as I stare at him from behind the brush. Ok, ok, I really should calm down… but to see a person! Not just any person, but a ranger. I should probably explain what's going on, so here goes—

Yesterday, right after I had replaced you in my bundle, I started to eat my (no longer) hard tack, and I watched the clouds go by the horizon. I kept my eye on one that was darker than the others (who can blame me? After the other night's storm, I'm going to be looking out for any chance of rain, whatsoever from now on.) So I watched the cloud for a few minutes, and a few more, then it seemed like a really long time and still the cloud hadn't moved any. It stood in that one place in the horizon, while all of the other little cloud puffs drifted on by. That's when I felt like hitting myself; how could I have not realized that that wasn't a cloud at all, but smoke. I haven't been away from people that long to not understand what fire is. Sometimes my absent headedness amazes me. So I stood there in shock; fire meant people. I just went all frazzled then, like my muscles where frying and feeling ready to go, but then I was only able to stand there and quiver with excitement. Finally, I got my bundle ready, and I unthinkingly set out. Looking back now that was kinda stupid. First off, I didn't admit it earlier, but that journey down the mountain was hard on me. I've always had problems when it comes to physical strength, and that journey left me scarred. Chief among my bruises—I broke my left arm. I fell off of a small cliff. Now I know enough about breaks as to know when I have one, and that if set wrong, I'll have problems for life. What I don't know—how to set broken arms, so it's hanging painfully at my side in a poorly made sling. So let's see how this tallies up against me so far: I'm tired, malnourished, and I have a major health problem. But even as I went through the storm ravaged, beast ridden forest (always with the smoke in my view) and felt my all of my problems in my bones and joints, I trucked on. Half-way there, that's when I began to wonder and the worry. What if the people there were bad people? What if by the time I got there they were gone? What if I never made it? Now those thoughts almost made me turn back, but as you know, I didn't. I figured that no matter what, I was going to make this journey work for me. Even if all I could look forward to would be picking though garbage, at best.

So after a hard, hard, hard days trek, I made it. And am I glad I did. Just by spying on him from behind thi—\______