The tips of my fingers seal those lavender eyelids,
those lavender eyelids I've always despised
because only they have viewed the naked
splendor of your hazel lakes.
Nightmares of diving into such ecstasy
spiral throughout my fragile system.
These melancholic converations will soon fade way.
I live to inspire you,
and the enlivening ink is drying up. This may be
my final poem.
Electric wires coiled around your arms,
the blue sparks such a beautiful contrast against your skin,
continue to capture my breath
as each millisecond ticks ahead.
You're not coming back, are you?
I will fraud impervious laughs
throughout this concluding formality in
hopes that, perhaps you will
fall for me.
Across copper sand we shall eternally
trek, hand in hand.
Should I release you, you might sink.
Never fear, love; I have you.
Even if your raspberry lips, your rose-tint skin,
your majestic lashes refuse to meet me,
I will continue to drag you along
until we reunite in our Garden of Eden.
Do you reminisce of the time we sat beneath the almond
As petals took residence on the tip of your nose,
our breaths fought to send it away.
There were times when you would smile.
The Sun allows me to drift into this illusion
as our footsteps stain the Earth.
Fingers tangled, we will collapse into the warm
ocean together, but not drown;
you will never drown.
This scribbled letter will be waiting,
tucked in my sweaty fist.
Should the words smear,
I'll carve the letters into my palm
for you to trace, for you to memorize.
My corpse is beneath our almond tree,