Feminism in Modern Times

I believe, despite all the reforms surrounding the feminist movement and the great advances towards equality between the sexes, we still have a gap between men and women. Although women have been given the right to vote, join the army, wear what they want, have an abortion and many other things beside there is still a prejudice towards women in what is still, primarily, a patriarchal society. This can be seen in the differences between salaries for men and women in the same positions. The same applies for sports stars. The women are awarded less prize money than the men. There is also the immediate assumption that women are physically weaker than men which, depending on the person, may or may not be true. In parliament there are more men than women and if the world had true gender equality there would be an equal number of each sex. Although it is generally accepted that women, technically, have the same work opportunies as men, cultural expectations dictate that the female is generally is still the primary care giver in the family and absences from the work force have a negative impact on their career progression. Even, or perhaps unsurprisingly, in the basest levels of our culture, humour, is possibly the worst offender of gender inequality because no one challenges it. The most blatant example of this is blonde jokes which are almost always directed at the female population while blonde males get off fairly unscathed.

According to any dictionary you look at, 'equal' and 'the same', in essence, mean the same thing but this is not always necessarily the case. Although it is hard to explain, I will try. They mean the same thing in the way that 'man' and 'women' mean that both 'man' and 'women' are human. They are essentially the same but in details and fine-tuning, extremely different. It is in this way that 'equal' and 'the same' mean the same thing.

I think the problem with today's society in relation to these issues is that many believe them to be in the past, that its mission accomplished, now all we have to do is teach the kids in history class. We have given up on a goal that is attainable if only we stretch to reach it. The reason why there are still gender inequality issues is because no one thinks we have to fight for it anymore but this is not true, we must continue fighting until we have achieved our aim.