The next morning, Emily was awakened bright early by the irritating sound of loud knocking on the front door of her house. Groaning, she rolled out of bed and groggily made her way downstairs to see who was there. Wiping her tired eyes, she opened the door and was quite happy to see that it was Eli.

"Woah!" she squealed. Immediately, she began self consciously smoothing her messy hair and wiping the sleepy dust away from her eyes. "I didn't expect to see you!"

Eli feigned a look of hurt. "You thought I wouldn't stick around? That cuts me deep Miss Emily. Real deep." Emily was about to apologize, but Eli cut her off. "Cuts me so deep that it's almost indescribable. And yet...describe it I will. Deeper than the deepest ocean. Deeper than a bottomless pit. Deeper than...other things that are...also...deep."

Emily laughed and then invited him in. "What brings you here so early?" she asked, as they seated themselves in her little living room.

"We have a lot to do today," answered Eli. "I want to continue with my random acts of kindness, and since you're acquainted with my scheme, you have to help me out."

"Sounds good to me. Mind if I have a shower and some breakfast first though?"

"Of course, Miss Emily! While you're in the shower, I'll even whip up some breakfast. I haven't had any yet either."

"Perfect!" She led him into her small kitchen and showed him where everything was kept. "I'll be back down in about twenty minutes."

Emily showered and dressed as fast as she could, and then was about to run downstairs when she heard something that made her pause. She could hear Eli singing 'Octopus's Garden' by the Beatles. To be perfectly honest, Emily found it completely adorable. She listened to him for a few seconds more, and then bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen. Much to her delight, he kept right on singing, dancing around the kitchen as he flipped some pancakes onto a pair of plates. When the song finished, Emily applauded and Eli bowed, clearly enjoying the attention and her reaction.

"You didn't tell me you can sing!" exclaimed Emily as they sat down to eat their pancakes.

Eli shrugged. "We've only known each other for a can't expect me to have told you everything about myself already."

"Oh," blushed Emily. "I guess you're right about that."

"Don't worry," Eli said with a wink. "We have plenty of time to get to know each other better. Something tells me that this relationship is going to go places."

"I can't believe you just out and said that!" Emily gasped, a piece of pancake falling from her mouth. While it was true that she certainly had a large crush on Eli, she still hardly knew him.

"Well why not? I know it's true and you know it's true so there's no point in dancing around the subject."

"You're so beyond weird," said Emily, jabbing her fork in his general direction. "Now, pray tell, what are we doing today?"

Eli leaped up from his seat and ran into the living room. He returned shortly bearing two large trench coats that seemed to be jingling. "This," he said, dumping said coats on the table.

Emily reached into the pocket of one of the coats and was surprised to find it full to the brim with toonies. She searched the other pockets and found them to be full of loonies and quarters. "I don't get it...are we supposed to be rich flashers or something?"

"No, you silly." Eli put the larger of the coats on. "We're going to go to the busiest bus stop in town and give people bus fare."

"Hmm, interesting. I would never have thought to do that."

"I know," teased Eli. "That's why I had to explain it to you."

Emily flung a piece of pancake at him. They finished up breakfast and then went out to Eli's van, both wearing those stupidly heavy trench coats filled with various coins. They parked several blocks away from the bus stop, and Emily wanted to smack Eli when he asked if she had change for the parking meter. It wasn't until they were halfway to the stop before she thought to ask where he got all the change from. "Oh, I've just been saving it for a rainy day," was Eli's response. Emily was about to point out that it was almost obscenely sunny, when there was a sudden clap of thunder in the distance and the sky began to spit rain. She looked at Eli as though he caused this sudden change in winter and he winked.

When they arrived at the bus stop, Eli immediately marched over to the only person there. "Good morning Miss," he said. "I was wondering if you'd be interested in a free bus ride today? My friend here," as he said this he pulled Emily over, "and I, are going to be giving out change for the bus all morning."

The woman looked at them suspiciously. "Is this some sort of scheme?" She clutched her purse tightly, and closely to her body.

"You misunderstand us," explained Eli. "We're simply out to do good. Perhaps by accepting our offer of bus fare, you can then save the coins you would have used for a coffee instead. We just want to brighten peoples' days."

The woman continued to look at them as though they were crazy, before finally accepting the toonie in Eli's outstretched hand. "Thank you," she muttered quickly, before shuffling off as far away from them as possible without actually leaving the general vicinity of the bus stop.

The next few people Eli and Emily offered money too, gladly accepted the offered change and even expressed a genuine interest in the 'project' of performing random acts of kindness. As the morning went on, the pair of do-gooders exchanged smiles, conversations, and life stories with an interesting variety of people. There had still be the occasional person who was suspicious of their actions, and one elderly woman even threw her coffee in Eli's face, calling him 'devil spawn'.

At around one o'clock, they stopped handing out coins and went into the nearest church and handed the leftovers to the pleasantly surprised pastor. They then went out for lunch and discussed their next plan of action.

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