One day, Polly came home from looking around at the Big Mall. She couldn't find anything good to buy. Along the road, she saw a pack of strange-looking seeds from Wally's Food Fest. What would they grow? She wanted to find out fast!

When she got home, she planted the seeds and watered them. She knew it would take a while for the plant to grow.

One morning when Polly went to check her seeds, she saw a tree had grown with ice cream cones on it instead of leaves. The trunk had a strawberry ice cream bottom, chocolate ice cream middle, and the top was vanilla ice cream.

She woke up her parents with brown all over her face. She had eaten chocolate ice cream for breakfast!

"Why is there chocolate ice cream all over your face?" asked Mom.

"My seeds grew ice cream cone leaves and an ice cream trunk!!" said Polly.

"Will it melt?" Dad asked.

"I have no idea." she said.

She shared her ice cream tree with her family and friends. They all thought it was "cool".

At the end of the day, the tree fell over. The strawberry ice cream was all gone. Polly ran inside the house and got two ice cream tubs and brought them outside.

"Let's put the rest of the ice cream in these tubs!"She said.

They all did. After that, the tubs were carried inside and set in the freezer. Then…

"Polly. Polly! You fell asleep," said Mom.

She woke up and noticed it was time for breakfast. She had to clean milk off her face because she had fallen asleep in her cereal bowl.

A few minutes later, Polly went outside. She went to the check the spot where she thought the tree was and there was no tree. She had dreamed about the seeds. There were no real seed packs. I guess dreams sometimes don't come true.