How the Cell Phone Came to Be

Communication has developed in many forms over time. First, people used pictograms to communicate. Then, people started to walk to far places just to talk to someone. Later, after the alphabet came along, people started to send mail. It started to get easier when the telephone came to the earth. And now, thanks to the god of communication, we have the most important modern invention known to man: cell phone.

Once upon a time, the god of communication was up in the sky, watching over the humans on earth. He noticed that all of the humans were confused and dying because they couldn't communicate with each other. Many of the humans couldn't tell their families about avoiding dangers, such as fire, the wheel, and the vicious giant man-eating wolverine. The god of communication was disappointed because he wanted to see the humans live. He decided that communication wasn't just for the stuck-up snobby gods. He then let the humans have communication.

The first people to communicate were the cavemen. The communication god created a simple invention for these simple-minded people. Cavemen used to communicate with pictograms. Pictograms are pictures that are put together to make a story. They were also used to tell about traditions. The Native Americans also used pictograms to help pass down family stories. After many years of humans using pictograms, the communication god got tired of pictograms because not all humans could interpret them. Also, a lot of stupid humans that drew them forgot what they were trying to say after looking at the pictograms later in their life.

Later, the communication god invented the alphabet and gave it to the humans. Then the humans used the alphabet to form words. Later, letter sending, or the mail, was the voice of the people. A person would write down what they wanted to tell someone that wasn't near them, and would pay another person to send the letter. Then someone would receive the letter, read it, write a reply, and send it back. After a while, the god of communication was bored by "snail mail" because it took so long to get a point across.

The god of communication wanted a faster way for humans to communicate, so he left the sky, came to the earth and disguised himself as a rock. When Alexander Graham Bell was walking by, the communication god told Alex to invent a faster, easier way to have people communicate. Bell then invented the telephone. The telephone is an electric device that allows you use your voice to talk to a person when they're not right in front of you. That person could even be as far away as another continent, like Antarctica, where the penguins live. When there were emergencies, this was a good thing, because you could reach them right away. The communication god was content with that for a while.

Then the god of communication realized that telephones couldn't be used outside your home. That made it hard to call the cops during an emergency. He wanted a way for people in cars to contact one another without being in the same car. He felt was so frustrated by all of his old attempts to make people communicate that he threw all of the cell phones from the sky. It was raining cats and dogs, but only with cell phones. Then, the communication god was satisfied that all of the people had a simple, portable way to communicate. That is how the cell phone was put on the earth. Now, everyone and their pet monkey have a cell phone and know how to use it.