Super Hero.

Let me tell you, cutie,
the why I think you're
a Super Hero, baby,
the perfect Super hero,
my Super Hero, everyday.

You never catch me when I fall,
You never hear me when I talk,
You never cheer me when I'm sad.

Actually you're never here
and I just watch your shadow
saying me hi, what's going on?

Oki doki, I must be crazy,
I call you Super Hero
and you never save me!

It's more like I must save me
before you screw me completely!

Please, please, let me know your real identity,
I don't want to fall for a strange that uses
his super smile to take my heart away!

Oki doki I must be crazy,
you're the perfect Super Hero,
you're with me hardly ever!

Maybe I need to be caught by the bad guys
to get your attention!

Oh my, you, Super Hero?