Little voice

I have this voice inside my ear

A voice that's always clear

It almost seems, though I'm not quiet sure

That the little voice is stuck in here

Poor guy he must be bored in there

For he whispers on the whole day through

Without a break or rest

And you have to wonder how lonely he gets.

I tell my friend about this voice

That never goes or hides

She stares at me awhile then says

"Go ask him why!"

So that night when I'm tucked up in my bed

I wait for a time to ask this guy

Of course it's hard since he always talks

But then he stops

I ask my question nice and loud

But no reply was said

I laid my head back on my pillow

And started to dream about tomorrow.

But just before I drifted to sleep

I heard the familiar voice speak

The words were simple, and all he spoke was

"Because my son you need me near"

hope you enjoyed reading this!! it was a blast to write =)

It was just a a poem that i made because my friend said i wasnt capable of writing a poem that didnt have a deeper meaning...little does she know it actually does hahaha =p.