As I pass, I see you smile

It makes my emotions just go wild.

I'd like to tell you how I feel

But I know my fantasies cannot be real.

Your heart belongs still to the past,

To some lover who had you last.

You can't return my love for you,

I already know this to be true.

Despite this, my love goes on,

Even as my last hope is gone.

I cannot have you for myself

While your mind still lingers on someone else.

I return your smile rather weakly

And wave the fingers of one hand meekly.

I sigh as you pass out of sight

And wonder if my conscience could be right.

Is this but a hopeless dream?

Are all these facts the way they seem?

Will we never share a passionate love?

Will the day never come I've been dreaming of?

The day when you and I are holding hands,

Both of us knowing we're more than friends.

I close my eyes and imagine when

You will pass my way again.