Careful now, you might just break [it]
The heart I mean
It's fragile – and we just
Treat it like a toy
But it's not; it's more like
A bone or a
It breaks easier the
Second time around
Especially when it wasn't fixed in
The first place
We rage at each other and
Hope someone else will
Fix us
It's called something like
Diffusion of responsibility
Or maybe just plain old
We're a train wreck, you and I
Out of control and
But you can't look away
Hoping someone else will
Fix us
But that's what you get when
Hearts collide
Just a mess, I mean
It's inevitable
A tangle of what we were
And everything we could be
Jumbled up with what
We once had
Yet we still try to
Salvage us
With nothing but
Sticky tape and last week's gum
We sift through the pieces trying to
Fix us
Because we were once
More than this
And we know that we can
Be that again
If we just look harder
Under the tangle of tears and smiles
And we go slowly
Then too fast
But not fast enough
Be careful you might just break [us]
But we're already a
Train wreck – I suppose
That's what you get
When hearts collide